Venus Star Point in Leo (Gene Key 4.2) by Alison Dhuanna

On Sunday 13th August there will be the next Venus Star Point (VSP) in Leo. This is called an inferior conjunction of the Sun and Venus and it always happens when Venus is Retrograde in her 40 day cycle. The Inferior conjunction takes place when Venus lies between us and the Sun and there is also the Superior conjunction when she is behind the Sun. Five VSP’s make a 5 pointed pentagram star in the heavens in her divine geometry.

On these occasions the ancient astronomers saw Venus disappear into the Underworld as she became invisible from Earth. The Sumerian Myth of Inanna as she descends into the Underworld echoes the process Venus undergoes. This Venus Retrograde in Leo has been particularly powerful because it has also coincided with the annual Lion’s Gate also in Leo – a time connected to the rising of the brightest star in the sky Sirius and energetically a time of great fertility and possibility. In addition to this Leo has two Full Moons in the sign this month! The pinnacle of the Lion’s Gate has just past as I write this on 8th August and now we head into this special Venus Star Point.

Each Venus Star Point opens a 9 month cycle of a unique imprinting and so this story of the Leo Meta Goddess phase are the energies that will carry us through the next 9 months. Because Venus moves in the same gestation as the human she has a unique capacity to re-encode our physical bodies and bring spirit into matter in incredible ways. Once she appears on the other side of her conjunction with the Sun we will see her as the Morning Star and she will then descend symbolically through 7 visible and 2 invisible gates (9 in total) until the next VSP in June 2024. So what I am sharing now it is wise to integrate into your life and spiritual practice for the next 9 months ahead.

The Venus Star Point Sunday will take place at 20 Leo 28’ in Gene Key 4. This Gene Key moves from the shadow of intolerance, to the gift of understanding and the siddhi of forgiveness. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do the Hawaiian Forgiveness O’pono Pono practice for 40 days in June/July with my friend and colleague Kristen Viktor on a platform called Soul Tribe Online, which has taken me on a deep exploration of what forgiveness really is.

Mostly what has come up for me is all about self-forgiveness for the parts of myself that aren’t perfect or as I would like them to be – efficient, in control and not making a mess in my relationships! As I have merged into this daily more and more wounded parts of myself have become gently integrated in love and acceptance. The promise of Venus is to make us whole as she meets her dark sister Erishkigal trapped in the underworld – this is my third cycle of following her closely and guiding a groupand this promise has been fulfilled. I haven’t seen the new Barbie film but it sounds perfect for the energies of the time.

The importance of self love has become so apparent as the foundation to everything else, and yet how many of us really have it? When we feel triggered by jealousy, anger, rejection we have fallen into non self love. When we are afraid of our unique and quirky self, afraid others wont love us for who we are this is non self love.

Also at this VSP Mars, Mercury and Pallas Athena are conjunct in Virgo urging us to find a way to speak our truth. Virgo is a refined energy and invites us to find a way to do this in a soft and unblaming way – owning our part of the emotional equation. Nobody can ever be to blame for how we feel, only a catalyst for emotions and potential healing.

Another beautiful energy coming in is Vesta the Priestess conjunct Astraea Goddess of the new Golden Age in Gemini. Here is the new coding right there for effective communication. Use intention and ritualise it, if you have an altar get it down to what you really want there. Does everything on your altar have a clear meaning and intention? This is the power of Vesta to focus and thus she is the master co-creator. Asteroid Astraea so much embodies creative impulse as the way we can bring Source energy into life – whether through writing, music, art and dance. Creativity draws on what is most special and beautiful about being human and our unique individual expression.

My priority for this cycle ahead therefore is nurturing deeper self-love and contemplating the Gene Keys over the next 9 months through creative writing. If you feel called to join this journey email me and I can run through how it works or you can check out more on my website under workshops. The following is a poem I composed using the words of the Siddhi frequencies to be contemplated:

Through forgiveness I become whole and the inner doors of my heart unlock – I stop fighting myself and become softer. When I act in my highest self through virtue my love has the wings of angels and my heart becomes more and more transparent as I reveal who I truly am to the world. I am in an Epiphany with many others on the planet about who we really are and hope surges as we work together to address the big challenges in our personal lives and the world. Through great fear, sadness and loss we move remembering our immortal nature and inherent Christ Consciousness. All along it was there but we could not see it. Now we are in the field of timelessness as healing energies flow like a great river through our ancestral karmic time lines, absorbing negative energies like star moss around the heart. We are aglow with Celestial Fire and able to transcend our base desires moving deeply into acceptance of the present moment and the promise it holds. Through Universal Love we join with our brothers and sisters globally in our hearts in peace. We hold this vision for all, holding even those stuck in hatred and war – we hold it most for them. Then a new wormhole opens, we are the miracle, we are the epiphany.

Can you guess which Gene Keys we are going through?

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From The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in your DNA with Richard Rudd on Gene Key 4

Forgiveness is the thunderbolt that is released when a being attains Christ consciousness. It is like a kind of cosmic warmth that melts the borders and boundaries within the world of form. Forgiveness allows the Truth behind all form to be seen. Further than that, it allows one to see through and thus become one with Truth. There exists a great mystery about the power of forgiveness concerning time. Forgiveness represents an involving force rather than an evolving force because it literally comes from the future towards the past. It is a Divine quality that descends, like Christ, into the world of form. In descending into human form,forgiveness lays its hand upon all humanity and works its way back through time, burrowing into our collective past, releasing and freeing energy that has lain trapped and stagnant for aeons. Forgiveness moves down the ancestral bloodlines of all humanity in this way, dissolving genetic blocks and lifting karmic curses wherever it travels. This is why the Siddhi of Forgiveness is often credited with being capable of inducing miracles, because it can release a karmic debt that has stagnated for generations.” Richard Rudd

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