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human design chart

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Ron E Armstrong

Hi, looking for the 59the key….site says unlocking August 22 or last month. thanks. It is my evolution

Ashley Pfeffer

Were you able to get into the 59th door?

Shannon Jane

hi! when do you plan on posting the 1st?? I’m a 2/4 with 7 Lifework, 13 Evolution, 2 Radiance and 1 Purpose – been deep diving for the last 2-3 into all things HD and Gene Keys, love Bella and this site – learning to follow the transits over the last couple of days, can’t wait to see what you have in store for Gene Key 1!!!


Looking for 9th Door?


Thank you! ?

angela w denis

when will 34 be unlocked also 11 thanks

Last edited 3 years ago by angela w denis
loren HUman

hi I am looking for the 9th key- my vocation

Ruth Watson

Love your fresh, visionary approach to the Archetypes!!

Shannon Jane

hi – the 11th gene key takes you to a page that says it doesn’t exist, just fyi!



I can´t get into the 10th door.


Try now. The door just opened.


Hi, the link for the 10th door is not working… Thanks


It should work now. The door just opened.


Hello. I was wondering if door 10 would be opened soon?


Yep, it’s open now


Hi Ashley!

The 10 th door is still not able to open. I´ve tried many times for about a week.


I don’t understand, am I supposed to do the doors in order, 1-64?


I personally was led to Human Design by spirit. I was very interested in it which somehow led me to Gene Keys! Already being interested in astrology then discovering Human Design and Gene Keys was pretty revolutionary for me. I’m so thankful for this website, thank you for providing more guidance toward my highest self & truth 🙂

Ashley Pfeffer

We are so lucky to have you here, Baylee. <3


You guys are brilliant! I love your positive & wise insights which feels more authentic to me than the original works which can communicate a more negative and shaming perspective. Please keep up the great work!!!


I truly appreciate this website, the design, the graphics, the words, it seems like everything was chosen carefully to make it appealing and comprehensible for a public in search for themselves. I’m deeply grateful for your work. Thank you guys

Ashley Pfeffer

We are so grateful for your words of praise! Thank you for being here.


Wow, what a gift all of this is that you have created. Thank you <3

Ashley Pfeffer

Awe thank you! We enjoyed creating for you. Glad you have discovered this.


Hmmm the gene keys and the door numbers do not match. Or I don’t know how to use this site?

Ashley Pfeffer

I’m not sure what you mean. The Gene Key #, Gate #, Archetype #, Door number are the same. So Door/Archetype 29 (The Water Goddess) is the 29th Gene Key. Hope this cleared things up.


Hi, love this information, thank you! Is there a gate 21 description? Both 20 and 21 doors say the same thing as 20.

Ashley Pfeffer

It has been corrected 🙂 I guess the 21 was hiding.

Judith Pinon

Hi! The link for the Human Design chart is down. When will it be up? Thanks

Ashley Pfeffer

can you check again? it seems to be up.