The Creators of the 64 Doors

An Idea Made Manifest

The vessel/person this idea came through is of less importance than the group of people who came together to manifest it. A call to bridge the gap between systems was heard and a solution was birthed.


From Hierarchy to Heterarchy to Synarchy

We are a collective of creative souls who have come together to help illuminate aspects of your divine blueprint. The descriptions, videos, challenges and resources are lovingly created to help you embody and call forth these archetypal energies within you.

This is not a traditional business. Everyone collaborates on an equal playing field. We are all co-creators and we all bring our unique genius and essence to the table to create.

We are so grateful for this commUNITY.

If you want in you can apply to contribute to the blog, contribute original artwork, or be a featured archetype guardian.

Meet Our commUNITY of Contributors

This idea may have started with one person, but it has been a labor of love of MANY. Look through this complete list of contributors who helped create the 64 Doors and what parts they shared their creativity and genius with.


Corrinda Hagoort-van der jagt

Archetype Akasha Librarian

Brandy Jordan

coming soon


Kat Benson

coming soon


Rachel Delaney

coming soon


Eve Hansra

coming soon

Kerstin Liffers

Kerstin Liffers

coming soon


Kilo Heartspace

coming soon


Nicole Reisser

coming soon


Carla Trigo

Coming Soon

Alex Iglecia

Alex Iglecia

Embodiment Collaborator

Epic Hexagram Movements

Alison Dhuanna

Blog Contributor

Goddess Asteroid Limited Series

Katreni Maticce

34th Archetype Guardian

Goddess Asteroid Limited Series

Lindsey Foy

Archetype Artist

Timothy Brainard

Challenge Contributor, The Body Keys

Simone Gers


Adela Dumitriu

Blog Contributor, 12th Archetype Guardian

Kim Gould

47th Archetype Guardian

Tanmayo Lawson

13th Archetype Guardian

Midi Berry

42nd Archetype Guardian

Matthew Ashdown

49th Archetype Guardian

Melinda Butterfield

Challenge Contributor

Tiffany Rush

36th Archetype Guardian, Challenge Contributor

Johanna Burkhardt

22nd Archetype Guardian, Challenge Contributor

Deanna Whiteley

27th Archetype Guardian

Blog Contributor

Challenge Contributor

Elysia Hartzell

41st Archetype Guardian, Challenge Contributor

Olivia Madlock

19th Archetype Guardian, Challenge Contributor 

Alisha Young Hall

30th Archetype Guardian

Jane Adams

Blog Contributor

Benjamin Torre

17th Archetype Guardian

Victoria Bagnell

Human Design Astro Specialist

Danielle Rodenroth

Blog Contributor

Nathaniel Woods

Challenge Contributor

Keys for Health

Lindsey Forche

37th Archetype Guardian

Dylan Varenhorst

55th Archetype Guardian

Orlando Stoicescu

Vlog Contributor

Ashley Shapiro

60th Archetype Guardian

Sandra Fazio

42nd Archetype Guardian

Linda Lee

Blog Contributor

RaYvn Star

53rd Archetype Guardian

Francisco Jara

54th Archetype Guardian

Christian Wood

46th Archetype Guardian

Dora Rodrigues

57th Archetype Artwork Contributor

Allison Horner

57th Archetype Video Contributor

Sonia Peralta

48th Archetype Guardian

Nadine Blochberger

Archetype Artist

Heather Jaffe

Challenge Contributor

Brittany Kimmell

63rd Archetype Guardian, Blog Contributor

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Amazing work it seems perfect, I am loving the concept and looking forward to read more ❤❤❤


This is beautiful! I dm an artist inspired by gene keys . I’m
Early in my journey .

Noel Watkins

Thoroughly enjoying your co creation….would love to be part of what you do.

Vijay Goss

Ah, now I get it! Here is a centre in the place of conflict – between competition “which system is better”. Right in this place is also the resolution, which requires patience from me. My sleeping Sun in 37 “The family” The often neglected vital foundation and tell tale barometer for where things are really at, on the ground. Glamorous or not. My birthday waking Sun 16, that can dance details as an art of practicality from the heart. Completing deliverance over and over feeding sleeping Earth in 40. Where I stand alone feeling my heart beat, all I have… Read more »

A Ron Kaisar

II have been working on this concept called ’People Puzzle’. “Welcome to a community and system that supports forever growth. People Puzzle recognises that every individual contributes to the whole. Honouring the individual is honouring the whole. We invite and encourage wisdom and skill to aid the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. As we learn our place in the collective puzzle of life, we finally find out who we truly are. May you find Peace in your Piece of the People Puzzle”


thank you for now. <3 . Have to get back to this. ^


Just stumbled upon this- going to make tea, light a fire and delve in.. ♥️????

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How wonderful! We hope you are enjoying it!