Meet Adela

The fascination for the concept of space is vital in my life and work - the in-between space, the unseen space, the insider and outsider duality, the deep space in the Earth and the vastness and freedom of the Sky. I work as a visual artist and astrologer and I love writing and speaking. I have always lived life to the fullest, enjoyed being a pilgrim through all types of different experiences and realities. I enjoy working with people and inspiring and empowering them to get in contact with their deepest, strongest and purest self, while I am also learning each day from all the interactions I have. Being born on the Cross of the Unexpected and with 8 second lines in my profile, life kept sure to remind me to always keep reinventing myself and let myself go with the flow...sometimes this flow was like a relaxing day on a river, sometimes I felt like a surfer on crazy and alive waves...beautiful ride anyway.
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