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My journey with Astrology started in my twenties and early on i felt very drawn to the Goddess Asteroids. I was initiated into the Quabalistic Priestess tradition and studied and practiced devotional ceremonial magic for many years. This the then evolved into a more 'Green Ray' shamanic path. A key experience for me learning about Ceres the Mother Goddess and her importance was adopting a child and learning the importance of attachment. My journey has been to bring Astrology from the mind into the body so the Gene Keys and Human Design feel a natural extension of that dance and weaving. Equality is my guiding light for all I offer for now and future generations


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The Goddess Asteriods Series

Alison, Katreni and Bella created a limited series of conversations about the Goddess Asteroids as 'new archetypes' in our transforming times, each bringing her own healing and gifts to humanity. These archetypes may assist us to transmute strong karmic patterns that keep us trapped in shadow frequency. They may also complete channels when consciously activated.

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