Meet Allison


Allie is currently a spiritual channel, clear channel, intuitive and psychic medium. After having her son at 28 years old, she suddenly began to go through a spiritual awakening - feeling, hearing, seeing, sensing and knowing things so strongly she couldn't deny it anymore. Allie - who was formerly in marketing and athletics - didn't know what was happening, but she was suddenly drawn toward books and videos about mediumship. Soon after, she booked her first reading with a medium who informed her that she wasn't crazy; she was REALLY hearing and seeing spirits! It was time for her to develop her gifts.

The next part of her spiritual awakening happened very quickly and before she knew it, she was channeling live verbatim messages from many amazing minds who'd passed on for her friends and soon, for her community online. The demand grew for other women to learn more about connecting to spirit, to continue having their relationships with their own loved ones long after they passed, to trust themselves and listen to their intuition again. So, Allie created a course about intuition and channeling spirit, and began running retreats, spiritual support groups, and continued with readings.

Allie's work has continued behind the scenes where she uses it in her daily life - cooking, eating, parenting, hiking, skiing, dating, and more. She still does readings and loves to connect with women and men who would like support in their awakenings or who desire direction, guidance, and connection with spirit.

Please reach out to Allie on Facebook.

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