Meet Benjamin



Generator 6/2, Benjamin born under the Left Angle Cross of Prevention. As a psychic with a range of extra sensorial abilities, he had, in 2012 the most profound experience and awakening to the passenger consciousness.

After a very difficult time in his life, stress, anxiety, shame, he had no other choice than to changed. From Firefighter to a member of the French SAS's elite Parachute Special Forces Regiment, he went through anger and frustration to peace and satisfaction. His experiences became the catalyst for a great change.

Today, Spirit Consciousness Guide, Visionary Mystic, Breathwork Facilitator he translates spiritual knowledge into the world and bridge science with spirituality by guiding humanity towards the Human Design System and the Global Shift that will happen in 2027 during the precession of the Equinox for us to become our own authority, and a deep spiritual advanced civilisation on earth with peace, joy, harmony, and love.

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