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Challenge Contributor

Deanna Lynn was a Health and Wellness coach, and after several traumatic events she found energy healing, so she could heal herself.

She has been intuitively coaching clients in her sessions which led her to becoming a Certified Laser Coach to help empower her clients to go within, remove programming and create quantum shifts!

Over the last couple of years, she has been on a path of Self Empowerment through experimentation! With finding her power from within, and the incredible laser coaching tools, she is now leading others to do the same!

She also enjoys contributing to the 64 Doors by bridging her 15 years experience with the body and her contemplations of the Gene Keys / Human design to help connect the dots of how your body is being mirrored into your life.

She loves to lead others to becoming empowered and witness the impact it has on their health and life!

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