Meet Katreni


My name is Katreni Maticce, I'm Gene Keys Ambassador, Human Design Consultant and Group engineer.

Being as well somatic practitioner and spatial poet I facilitate city and nature retreats that weave living transmission, art of contemplation, self-practice and inter-being into the canvas of synchronicity.

Within my core I'm the one who likes mountain view solitude, appreciates space of silence, simply living my life in trust. Though what makes it sweet is sharing inspiration, support and empowerment in various ways with those, who I meet on the path.

For 7 years now I'm professionally mastering and enjoying the healing that those body of knowledge reveal within my own body. Celebrating the ripening to be of service to the whole and a perfect conjunction of essentials to lab and play.

In this turbulent times and approaching shift into unknown, somatisation into one's uniqueness and direct experience is what's of real value, for this we need alive systems and structures to commune and self-illuminate.

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