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Do you need Spiritual Consulting?

Melinda Butterfield is an open-minded, Unity Consciousness, Certified Non-Denominational Minister through Universal Life Church. Bridging Human Design to Gene Keys is fascinating to create a more balanced approach-The Yang to the Yin. These teaching systems are complex but can be simplified. Learning more about your Highest Purpose can help you to remember who you are and then when it feels correct for you, start experimenting with transforming your relationships to money, people, family, love and most importantly to yourself. 

Do you need Personal Consulting? 

Melinda Butterfield has a Master Coaching Certificate though Dr. Steve G. Jones. Melinda’s style is action-oriented with supporting you with the tools you need to move forward, helping you to release blocks with your personal goals, at a comfortable pace that will build momentum and achieve more Harmony in your life.

Do you need Business Consulting?

Melinda Butterfield was a Business Consultant for Sebastian of Northern California for over 7 years doing out-side sales, training, and business plans for her clients. She was awarded “Top Sales” two years in a row. Melinda was Assistant Manager at several large Retail Chains in California. She graduated from Mervyn’s Business Academy. This knowledge and hands on experience allowed her became an Entrepreneur and has opened and ran several profitable small businesses of her own. She specializes in marketing and creating easy systems, that will make any business run more effectively and increase profitability, which will put the BLISS back in your BLISSness!

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