Meet Sandra


Conscious Parent / Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Human Design & Gene Keys Guide

After consciously leaving the corporate world in 2012 when her daughter turned one, Sandra Fazio began letting go of all she thought she needed "to do" and gave permission to the Universe to "let be" what was meant for her life.

She originally embarked upon the work of conscious parenting of Dr. Shefali in 2014 and founded of The Conscious Parent Blog which offers an open, authentic and honest fresh perspective from her ever-evolving life experiences as a mom and spirit.

Sandra brings a very real, raw and relatable energy to all her connections in life as a Conscious Parent / Life Guide, Author and Speaker. She is the author of Permission to Feel: Inspirational Poems For Your Awakened Consciousness which is a compendium of poetic reflections that offers simple and bite-sized wisdom told in a storytelling fashion. It takes readers through the breakdown and breakthroughs of not only her motherhood journey, but will the reader will travel lyrically through Sandra's experiences a parent and child, pain and purpose, surrender and acceptance, trials and transformation, love and fear and many more channels of life.

Sandra is passionate about all things life and has recently been empowering others deeper into their soul's truth through the wisdom gift of Human Design Guide and Gene Keys. She loves helping to raise one's collective self-awareness and making this world better for our children to live and lead and for generations to come.

Regardless of any "title" that another may associate with Sandra, she aligns with being the voice and vessel of vulnerability and as she continues to evolve, she invites others to remain ever-so authentic and open to being in their truth and shining through the greatness that is unique to their existence.

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