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Tanmayo Lawson is an international speaker & presenter with over 30 years experience in the field of wellness, self inquiry and transpersonal study.

As the creator/founder of “Facial Harmony” Tanmayo has travelled the planet promoting and sharing this gentle and powerfully transformative treatment.

Tanmayo has also been deeply involved with Gene Keys and Human Design since 2004 and share her wisdom and understanding of this potent body of work.

In 1998 Tanmayo attended Satori in Pune India, fell in love with the process and now facilitates Satori & the 3 day Awareness Intensive around the world.

In 2004 Tanmayo attended the Venus Sequence in the South of England with Richard Rudd and since then has been increasingly involved with Gene Keys and Human Design teaching and sharing this body of work as a part of a series of tools designed to expose you too your original self.

Born & raised in Scotland she spent 30 years living in Australia, with her origins deeply rooted in Celtic Mysticism and a deep love and appreciation of the native and mystery traditions of this planet, Tanmayo embodies and shares her deep love of soul-full living.

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