"Once you understand that you are neither your name nor your actions, feelings, thoughts or beliefs, you realize that human nature is something far greater and wider than you ever suspected."

The Natural


Who is this Archetype?

The Natural lives in complete acceptance and celebration of who he is. He is in love with life and has surrendered to living authentically as himself in a way that is good for him and no one else. His expression and behavior are unique emanating from a deep self-acceptance that is completely unafraid of what anyone else thinks. He is comfortable in his skin and doesn’t care about fitting in.


Wherever he goes he naturally adapts to the environment and circumstances. The Natural shows others that naturalness comes through a rising sense of inner freedom and spaciousness, and never through copying someone else. He has an innate confidence and willingness to share himself with the world, and he empowers others to live out their magnificence by demonstrating his own magnificence in the now.


The Natural shows us that true awakening through surrender is not a commitment to becoming something; it is a commitment to being ourselves. Through being true to his own nature, this archetype has awakened to experience ever expanding genuine self-love and integrity. As he has come to know, accept and love what makes him unique, he empowers others to love themselves as well.


The Natural is robust and doesn’t lose his joie de vivre despite many bumps in the road on his life journey. He stays true to his vision and inherent trust in life and himself. He is versatile and adapts to new conditions, challenges and directions, which is why one of his nicknames is the Chameleon.


The Natural surrounds himself with people who appreciate, support, nurture and inspire him. The Black Panther (34) connects the Natural to the self-love and naturalness of the body and life force. Together these archetypes show the world the importance of following one’s own energy and conviction. Another close relationship the Natural experiences is with the Intuitive (57), who is connected to intuition through the senses and instinct. Together they are naturally creating beauty by being attuned to everything around them.


The Natural also has a close relationship with the Tranquil (20), who empowers him to express verbally and spontaneously. Together they communicate empowerment to others. On a deeper level the Natural embodies the feminine flow of life, ready to face and feel anything, whereas the Tranquil embodies the presence and awareness that can hold space for the feminine life force; like the riverbanks allowing the river to wildly and safely flow through, in whatever form and rhythm he is embodying in that very moment.


As a Guardian for the Codon Ring of Humanity, the Natural shows us what it is like to truly be human. His path towards self discovery is also his path of awakening. The question "who am I" lives in his heart on a daily basis. With his allies; the Warrior (38), the Discoverer (17), the Manager (21), Thunder (51) and Love (25), he braves the challenges and claims the rewards present in his own mythical hero's journey. He teaches us that all things are possible with the power of love and the courage to choose yourself.

"I am Zina"
"I am Zina"


Naturalness, Self-Love

"I am Esther"
"I am Esther"

Internal Motivator:

"I explore life true to my own nature. I am free to be."

"I am Lisa"
"I am Lisa"

Positive Attributes:

Is natural in all situations

Is authentic to who he is

Inspires others to be their true selves


Achilles Heel:

Can be blamed for being self-centered

The melancholy that no one else knows how to behave




Heaven over Lake

"I am Amber"
"I am Amber"


Quarter of Mutation

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation

"I am Sarah"
"I am Sarah"


Sagittarius - Mutable Fire

Capricorn - Cardinal Earth

"I am XIII77"
"I am XIII77"


Heart (Left Auricle/Ventricle) (Glycine, Arginine)


Codon Ring:

Ring of Humanity ( 10, 17, 21, 25, 38, 51)

Amino Acid: Arginine

Physiology: Chest & Heart

Exploring the Archetype

"The Gift of Naturalness cannot be practiced, copied or systematized. It can only emerge through a rising sense of inner freedom and spaciousness."
Gene Key 10 - The Gene Keys, Richard Rudd


"I am Bella"
"I am Bella"


"Being undermines everything—it does not allow identification with anything outside the wonder of the present moment."

Gene Key 10

Free Resources

"To rest unattached in the supreme state of being whilst at the same time participating in the adventure of our evolution is quite possibly the greatest task that the humans of the future will have to master."
-Richard Rudd

Human Design Harmonic Gates

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 10th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of Self-Obsession



Repressive Nature:


Reactive Nature:




The Mazy Pathways of the Self

“Through the lens of the 10th Shadow, all you see when you look at others is people you would like to change.”



Living Your Own Myth

“The life of every individual human being is a journey through the frequencies of this 10th Gene Key.”



Divine Laziness

“The 10th Siddhi is a reminder that it is all but a game, a leela or play, in which even our loftiest ambitions are ultimately meaningless.”


"I am Mikalena"
"I am Mikalena"

Mikalena Knight by Cristina Sevelj Shadow Arts

Learn more about Simone Gers

"Being is the nature of consciousness in form, and it has no agenda or direction. It simply is."
- The Natural

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"Whatever is in your heart, whatever you’re meant to do or express, will simply arise out of you with naturalness."
- The Natural
"I am Trina"
"I am Trina"

Be Yourself with the Natural Archetype

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Human Design Circuitry & Mechanics

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I-Ching Elemental Wisdom

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Codon Rings & Physiology

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"Easy is right."
-The Natural

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Interpretation of the 10th Archetype by Nadine Blochberger


Learn more about Nadine

the 10th Gene Key/Hexagram 'Treading'

Sky above the serene Lake. Reflecting Beauty through the natural expression of life.

artwork created by Virginia Lee

10th Gene Key Artwork by Jane Adams

"Ikon" and "Hermit"


The 10th Gene Key flies out of the box with all ten: they applaud. Richard Rudd says the little hollow inside is a Treasure Chest – the treasure of being human, you can clasp them either way around. “This is how we meet each other and we greet each other. We shake hands like this, and we pass treasure from one person to the next. Close your eyes, breathe into that treasure chest, focus on the beauty and treasure of Being” … and meet your self


The Natural (10) Digital Course !

Embody the Archetype: Explore, Flow, Play, Share, Lead, Envision.

Harmonic Gate: The Tranquil (20)
Harmonic Gate: The Intuitive (57)
Harmonic Gate: The Black Panther (34)
Programming Partner: The Wild Woman (15)
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