"Bliss Point" by Nadine Blochberger
"Bliss Point" by Nadine Blochberger


"The only thing needed for magic to occur is some form of structure and an open mind."

The Idealist


Who is this Archetype?

The Idealist is a pure seeker who isn’t supposed to achieve any final goal or ideal. She has made peace with always being on a quest and never having a certain answer. Through her, possibilities are conceptualized into ideas. These ideas are not prescriptions for action because ideas come and go. Ideas are concepts designed to express what has been sensed.  Ideas are designed simply to be reflected upon.


The Idealist honors her inner creative process, grateful for every lesson and adventure in life. She knows that each experience adds beautiful, rich threads to the tapestry of her life and the story of humanity.

The Idealist  puts together all the pieces that were gathered by the Artist (64) and the Alchemist (47) and weaves them into a specific shape. Depending on the way in which she processes the past, she forms her foundational beliefs. She uses her left eye which represents visual memory, and thus she needs time in order to see the full picture. The Discoverer (17) is the logic left-brained and masculine counterpart to the creative right-brained Idealist.

There is an incredible power and potential in her receptive, abundant, feminine, magical, tribal, dreaming mind. She is giving herself the permission to play through the right brain with the realms of imagery, archetype and imagination. She travels between worlds and feels at home in the underworld as in the worldly and even heavenly realms. She trusts that everything, in the end, is a symbol.

The Idealist  goes down to the stream of creativity. She is filled with more ideas than she will ever be able to bring into form in a lifetime. The Idealist has a close relationship with the Comedian (56), and when they spend time together, it’s the Comedian who will decide which ideas to act on. The Idealist loves stimulation and also needs to stimulate others in her sharing of ideas.

The Idealist is rich with imagination, cultivating ideas capable of bringing about social harmony. She is not afraid of conflict or the darkness—she actually embraces the darkside—and that is what makes her excellent at bringing in the light and having people see higher perspectives. This way, the Idealist is all about the promotion and teaching of peace and consideration between people, always seeking new ways of bringing everyone into agreement, a bit like the Peacemaker (6), but for the Idealist, it's not about emotions—it’s about the ideas, the creativity, the contemplation. She is very open minded.

The Idealist is bringing an incessant stream of new ideas which keep things fresh and forever evolving for everyone. She easily lets go of outdated methods and concepts that no longer serve their purposes. In this sense, the Idealist is closely linked to the Guardian (32). For the Idealist, the power of consensus is far greater than the power of an individual. Most of her ideas are in the interests of the collective, as opposed to being self-serving.

Like the Maestro (50), the Idealist will remind individuals of their responsibilities to everyone else. With a balanced view of the bigger picture, she is capable of pushing ideas that can strengthen the world around her. In today’s world, we need to honor people with open minds like the Idealist. This archetype is bringing magical realism to the world.



Imagination, Ideals, Harmony



Sagittarius - Mutable Fire




Earth over Heaven



Left Eye/Occipital Cortex



Quarter of Mutation

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation


Internal Motivator:

"I believe in change for the better."


Positive Attributes:

Visual memory

Acceptance of Death


Achilles Heel:

Doesn’t have the final answer


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Beliefs

Dilemma: Belief


Repressive Nature:


There is nothing wrong with fantasy so long as it finds a healthy and creative outlet, but in most cases, it does not find such an outlet. The foundation of repression is fear, and when this fear is not embraced it creates an enormous drain on our whole body and being. Unlived lives gradually drain the physical energy from the body, leading to all manner of physical health problems. Even worse than this, inner fantasies that do not find a creative outlet block us from following our true destiny. Your destiny is always hidden away behind these fantasies. The longer you hold them within, the more twisted they become until what began as a simple archetype becomes perverted into a much darker form. Until you can own responsibility for such a form, you cannot release the creative power that lies within.

From the Gene Keys

Reactive Nature:


You have turned your fantasy into a projection field, and you try to manifest it in the world. However, since you don’t know how to embrace your anger and fear within, nothing can be manifested through you. You actually use the outer world to hide from what lies within you. You may have a great idea in your mind, but you never manifest it. Because of the depth of your denial, you cannot let go of the inner image you have of what you would one day become. You are headed for eventual disappointment and even breakdown. Delusion is the attempted externalization of a false dream that conceals a deeper, real dream. Until the true dream is uncovered, what emerges is simply a veneer with no power to manifest. 

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

What are your dreams? How do you experience them?

Do you perceive your dreams are possible? Are you afraid of your dreams?

Are you someone who is full of brilliant ideas? How do you express them? Experience them? Do you bring them out into the world? Do you hold them in your heart?

Do these ideas ever pan out?

Do you feel like people steal your ideas?

How do you experience anger? Fear?

When someone comes to you with their ideas, are you open to hearing about them? Why? Why not?

When have you felt filled with vital energy? When have you felt drained?

Do you tend to get too lost in fantasy, or not take your dreams seriously enough?

Is it time to let go of a fantasy that’s been keeping you from living and enjoying your actual life?

Is it time to take an old dream out of the closet, and give it expression?

How do you experience creativity?

Where does your life feel fresh? Beautiful?

Where do your thoughts and ideas, contemplations reside? In the past? The future? The present? What does that look like for you?

Where in your life do you experience nonduality?

Where is your life magical? How do you experience magic in your life? Synchronicities?

Connections? Manifestations? What dreams have come true?

Exploring the Archetype

"Without knowing our ideals or recognizing our dreams, how can we possibly manifest anything of true value?"
- The Idealist




"You must believe in the power of your dream, and at the same time you must give up what it looks like."

Free Resources

“It is the 11th Gene Key that relates geometrically to the galactic core itself. This is why it is from here through the 11th Siddhi that the core light emerges. As we move towards and beyond 2012, the pure light from the galactic core will geometrically reach our planet and begin to rapidly transform our entire ecosystem. This will also trigger our DNA to release its inner light and catalyze the Siddhic states in many people. This in turn will exponentially increase the frequency field of the whole of humanity and Gaia herself.”
- 11th Gene Key, Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

Human Design Harmonic Gate


Gene Keys Programming Partner

Artwork by Daniel Holeman

Gene Key Title: The Light of Eden (11, line 3)

Obscurity – Idealism - Light

Victim Pattern: Victim of Beliefs


Shadow: The Fascist Regime of the Human Ego (Obscurity)

“The greater percentage of human beings on this planet lives within a very narrow band of light frequency.”


Gift: Magical Realism (Idealism)

“It is through this 11th Gift that the true art of magic is once again returned to the world.”


Siddhi: Uprooting the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Light)

“The the light is only to be found in the darkness is the greatest of mysteries.”

Gene Key

Discover the 11th Gene Key from its original source.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

Codon Ring of Light


Learn more about Simone Gers

"It is a little known paradoxical law that the densest regions conceal the highest vibrations, and that true ascension moves downwards and inwards."
- The Idealist

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"That the light is only to be found within the darkness is the greatest of mysteries."
"No one who attains the 11th Siddhi does so except through traveling the darkest aspects of their psyche."
"The pure light of the 11th Siddhi has nothing to do with good and evil. It represents the transcendence of duality."
-The Idealist

Idealist Attunements

Gene Key 11 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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Receptive Earth (14:29)

Creative Heaven (14:14)


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"The more people who can be encouraged to play with the imagery and creative power coming from the right hemisphere of the brain, the more healthy the world will become."
-The Idealist

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11th Archetype Artwork contributed by Nadine Blochberger

"Bliss Point" by Nadine Blochberger

11th Gene Key Artwork by Jane Adams

peace – a lamp to hold within you. Interweave pinkie and fourth fingers with their pads together, then rest middle and forefinger over one another. It is like the 12th, but in the 12th the forefingers are steepled.



Harmonic Gate: The Comedian (56)
Programming Partner: The Prophet (12)

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