Artwork by Daniel Holeman
Artwork by Daniel Holeman


The Prophet

Intent - Articulation - Influence

Who is this Archetype?

The Prophet is the ultimate wordsmith and master of communication. He has the potential to cut or empower you with his words that pierce through your heart and are immediately felt.


The Prophet naturally discerns that which comes from the mind and that which comes from the heart. He discriminates between the real and the false and who and what is healthy. This discrimination can be pointed internally and/or externally.


Energetically, the Prophet powerfully plugs into source--he effortlessly channels and prophecies. He spotlights that which is not authentic and arbitrates between light and dark, bringing messages from each realm with potency and accuracy. He is passionate and deep in his expression, with all of the emotion and fire that art, creativity, and beauty bring to humanity.


In a world where talk is cheap, the Prophet carefully discerns what to share and what not to share. He chooses his words and messages wisely and is cautious about other people understanding him clearly. His impact and influence comes through the tone and vibration of the voice, as much as through the words themselves. The Prophet is also the archetype of silence. He uses the auric power of silence to influence others.


The Prophet has a close relationship to the Medicine Woman (33) and the Comedian (56). These three archetypes see how humanity easily gets lost in the shadows of vanity, distraction and forgetting what is essential for wellbeing and personal growth. They love showing their people more mindful ways of living where true enrichment and keeping the heart open no matter what happens are key.


The Prophet is deeply associated with poetry, music, drama and, above all, with human love. The Prophet has an intimate connection to the Invitation (22), and through their honest and heartfelt relating, they give voice to deep emotional truth that, when shared outside the relationship, has the potential to open other people’s hearts. They role model that when you laugh or cry, you enter the sacred realm of transformation.


The Prophet dares to dream, sometimes unrealistically of a fairer, more idealistic world. His best friend is the Idealist (11), who is a shamanic catalyst for transformation as he courageously plays with the archetypes of the underworld as well as of the heavenly realms. The Prophet and the Idealist are both deeply grounded in the integrity of the truth, whether it is beautiful or ugly.


Discernment, Romanticism, Abandon

Internal Motivator:

Truth is what matters

Positive Attributes:

Verbal impact

Pure intention


Achilles Heel:

Can cut others with his words

Can seem too cautious

Melancholy that there is no one worth telling anything to

I Ching:


Heaven over Earth


Quarter of Civilization

Purpose fulfilled through Form


Gemini - Mutable Air

Codon Ring:

Ring of Secrets (12)

and Trials (12, 33, 56)


Amino Acid: N/A (Stop Codon)

Physiology: Thyroid

Artwork by Daniel Holeman
Artwork by Daniel Holeman




"I don’t shy away from anything that is authentic—no matter how messy it may be."
- The Prophet

The Prophet's Mantra

I am divinely guided.

I am grounded in the integrity of the truth

and I am driven by the myth of true love.

I speak the perfect words from the purity of my heart.

I radiate the beauty of who I am.

My voice is heard and valued.

Understand The Prophet



Adela Dumitriu

The Prophet

(Streamed from our Facebook page and YouTube)


"To discriminate is to know inherently what and who is healthy for you in life."
- The Prophet

Human Design Harmonic Gate

Artwork by Lindsey Foy

Gene Keys Programming Partner

"Bliss Point" by Nadine Blochberger

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

12th Hexagram

Listen to Bobby Klein's transmission for the 12th Hexagram.

Listen to others from Bobby Klein.

Gene Key Wisdom

Gene Key

Discover the 12th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of the need for perfection



Repressive Nature:


Elitism is vanity working undercover. You may agree with others outwardly but inwardly feel very differently from what you say. Often you refrain from making any comment at all, preferring to remain detached. This is the domain of the spiritually evolved—those few who have done a lot of work on themselves. Inwardly, you feel that you are clearer than most others around you, take great pride in being different or beyond any creed or system. Such vanity ensures that you can’t make the leap that your inner being most longs for—the leap into permanent higher consciousness.

Reactive Nature:


Malice stems from anger, which in turn stems from fear. You openly use your substantial vocal gifts to inflict pain on others. You usually feel put upon in some way and react maliciously without thinking about the damage of your words or actions. You really know how to push other people’s buttons through the power of your voice. You can hurt people like no one else can. Your malice may not be premeditated, but it is usually brutal and ends in disaster.



The Final Trial

“Vanity can choose the most beautiful of words, but it can never hide the frequency of its tone.”



The Secrets of High Art

“Discrimination gives humanity a taste of higher order operating behind the scenes of life.”



Swallowed by the Void

“Those who manifest this Siddhi often live the humblest of lives, unseen by the world at large.”


Archetype 12

(Streamed from our Facebook page and YouTube)


"When you laugh or cry you enter the sacred realm of transformation."
- The Prophet
Artwork by Daniel Holeman

Embody the Prophet

We Bridge the Gap between Theory & Embodiment

Are you ready to go deeper through this digital course?


Human Design Circuitry & Mechanics

Gene Keys Living Transmission

Rave Mandala Explorations

I-Ching Elemental Wisdom

Astrology & Transits

Codon Rings & Physiology

Embodiment Practice

Soul Conversation


Workbook to guide your explorations

Opportunity for sharing through our Academy Discussion Portal

Let the Prophet teach you how to embody his gifts and wisdom.

Get your course for Archetype 12 now


"In language purity becomes poetry. In thought, purity becomes essence."
- The Prophet

Give Back

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Codon Ring of Trials by Jane Adams

12th gene key hand mudra – fold 3 fingers of left hand over right-hand pinkie and bring forefingers and thumbs together

The White Wolf teaches the kids about Seeing – illustration from “Pierrot – Voyagers in the Real World”.

Pencil Illustration for 'A Journey through Gene Keys'

by Virginia Lee

The 12th Gene Key/Hexagram ~Standstill. Heaven and Earth diverge- The dance of Yin and Yang Reveals the Illusionary Separate Self.
Harmonic Gate: The Invitation (22)
Programming Partner: The Idealist (11)
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carine mezzasalma

porte 12 en inconscient, je suis MG par le centre G. Pendant longtemps, je ne savais pas à quel point ma parole impactait… beaucoup de colère, beaucoup de frustration de ne pas trouver un moyen de m’exprimer. ..depuis un an et un peu, une transformation énergétique se produit en moi. J’apprends à mesurer mon discours


Thanks for this article, very eye opening!

Last edited 2 years ago by Mei
Marie Josée MAURCE

Hello, The 12th is my AC’s gate. When I heard Richard Rudd speaking about it, I just cry. I see my life, the dilemna of my life, my fears, my joys, my intends. As I read and hear what you say, I hear my voice when I guide relaxation sessions. It’s all about me… This touch me a lot et I’ll contemplate it for a while. Through the geneticmatrix , I discover the AC ‘s gate and also a new circuit for me. The 12/22. Passion!!! all about me too…. This is a gate of turning point. To discover it… Read more »