The Confidant


Who is this Archetype?

This archetype is a great listener that takes people in through her calming presence. The Confidant hears the meaning behind the words, and with her gift for hearing, she collects and remembers people’s stories, challenges and breakthroughs. This way, she becomes a natural bridge between the past and the future.


The Confidant is empathic without feeling weighed down by the difficult and negative things people may share with her. She knows how to be the neutral witness without losing her own center and core stability. In fact, by hearing everything she naturally has an optimistic view of the collective and the future.


The Confidant receives people, even strangers, with openness and often affection. In her aura, people feel trust and naturally tell even their deepest darkest secrets. She naturally helps them find their purpose and direction in life by acknowledging them, and their efforts and struggles, in the stories they bring to her. She makes them aware of the patterns and mistakes they are repeating without making them feel wronged or shamed. She hears their heart’s truth so powerfully that they are able to hear it as well. Many see her as a powerful shaman and healer.


The Confidant only shares what she knows when it’s in the highest good for the collective. Based on data collected over time, she has embodied deep wisdom about the present and future. She knows all about the important lessons that can only be learned through experience. She makes sense of the grand mythic human drama. She loves sharing universal ideas and values as well as their practical application. These are what inspire humanistic co-operation.


The Confidant has an intimate relationship with the Alpha (7). She admires his more logical approach to leadership and guiding humanity towards a brighter future. The Alpha recognizes his partner’s softness and deep compassionate understanding of the human predicament. The Alpha is leading by example and actively showing his people the way forward, whereas the Confidant accepts people as they are and leads through discernment and love.


The Confidant also has a close relationship to the Medicine Woman (33). Together they invite people to come sit around a literal or symbolic bonfire. What these two archetypes really do is hold sacred space for humanity to come together to fulfill its highest purpose. They listen, share, and lead through feminine intuition and embodied wisdom.


Together with the Fire Starter (30), the Confidant is the Portal Guardian of the Codon Ring of Purification. The Confidant holds the repository of the collective past experiences and memories of humanity, whereas the Fire Starter knows all about the highs and lows of the emotional wave and our yearning to be fulfilled by something outside of ourselves. The Confidant and the Fire Starter guide humanity to evolve through progressive cycles of inner cleansing and purification.


The Confidant has us look at our projections and negative patterns in relationships. This starts with the skill of inner listening and becoming aware of how we respond or react emotionally to triggers in relationships. The Fire Starter shines light on our urges and needs so that we gradually can purify our desire-nature through sublimation of dense emotional energy. Through this process, we start to feel inner and outer lightness. With the expanded awareness we stop being victims of our emotions, and start relating to each other in a higher and more loving frequency.


Listening through Love, The Hearer of Secrets, Memory Collection

Internal Motivator:

"I trust in the future by listening to the present and the past."

Positive Attributes:

Is able to listen through her body and aura

Has accumulated deep wisdom from everything that has been shared with her

Keeps everyone’s secrets safe

Achilles Heel:

Has to be careful to not become negatively influenced by everything she hears

Tendency to care so much about what people feel that she represses her own emotions

People feel her empathic nature and can try to take advantage of her



Heaven over Fire


Quarter of Initiation

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through the Mind


Aquarius - Fixed Air


Inferior Parietal Lobule  (Glutamine)

Codon Ring:

Ring of Purification (13, 30)

Amino Acid: Glutamine

Physiology: Amygdala


Hearing vs. Listening

When you hear someone, it means that your ears heard the sound of their voice. You perceive and receive the sound waves.

Listening requires you're whole presence in the present, processing, interpreting and taking IN. Listening requires that you focus your attention on the person and hear THEN process what they are saying. You take in the words, tone of voice, emotional state, inflection, body language, etc. To take it a step further is to listen to what they are saying BEHIND the words and BETWEEN the words. When you can place yourself in their shoes and listen to them

Hearing can be accidental, while listening is purposeful.

Exploring the Archetype



"Like a cosmic librarian, I have all the access codes to every volume ever written on the pages of life."

- The Confidant

Without being caught in the drama of subjective emotional personification, you can begin to view life at a mythic level.

"Instead of reacting out of my own karmic library, I now begin to demystify my own past."

- The Confidant


is the gradual swelling of awareness within your solar plexus system transferred and projected outward into the world.

"This phase of our history must and will lead to a transcendent leap in consciousness, regardless of the subjective interpretations of the fear-based culture in which we live."

- The Confidant

Listening at the Siddhic level is no longer a passive phenomenon. It is actually quite forceful and cleansing at an auric level.

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Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED inside you and out of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 13th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of Pessimistic Mind



Repressive Nature:


Reactive Nature:




The Chemistry of Pessimism

“We hear only discord in the world because we are unable to listen to the overall dilemma.”



The Fellowship of Man

“To view life at this mythic level is to see the great archetype playing out our lives.”



The Great Cosmic Hub

"Whereas sympathy requires two, empathy demands one."

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The 13th Gene Key / Hexagram 'The Fellowship of Man'

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Fire Rises Up to Heaven

artwork created by Virginia Lee

13th Gene Key Artwork by Jane Adams

Let the winged circle allowed by your open hands breathe and be still; let there be everything. Richard Rudd


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Harmonic Gate: The Alpha (7)
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You both are awesome, so love your creativity and designs.

Nate S.

This is Aquarian energy correct?

John Nugent

This is gorgeous work. I love the magical feel of your brand. I love that as Bella talked about the different aspects of the Confidant archetype, I could feel my energy body stoking the channels in my body. Firstly, my G centre (what I always really think of as my heart) and then onto caressing my throat as she talked about about the channel of the Prodigal. I’m so thankful my energy body is sending me signals like this these days. I’m only just getting used to listening to the wisdom of the awakened Kundalini within me. It’s only taken… Read more »

I just came into Gene Keys awareness 2 weeks ago. And what a ride!! Thank you so much for what you do and these nugets of wisdom! I just realized that I have the 13th key in three places My Purpose (13.1), my Vocation (13.5) and My Attraction (13.2). Also the 13/33 path in my Human design. Is there any guidance you could give me as to where in your content to go and get some clarity on the meaning of this?


Just walked the wheel The Gate of the Listener, with Bella. Feeling deep into 13.6 conscious moon in Aquarius. Listening and tuning in, with my gut to processing. Thank you as always for your wisdom.