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Artwork by Lindsey Foy
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Is Door 22 an Archetype?

Door 22 is actually a portal to Grace and, more importantly, to life and it begins with an invitation. Accept the portal to grace and you will enter a journey into your own suffering. You will face your own "perfect storm." A storm that you have created just for yourself.

Who, from a logical standpoint, would accept suffering into their life? Someone who is courageous enough to actually live and take radical responsibility for their own manifestations. Someone who claims to be the creator of their reality and accepts the "bad" and "good" made manifest. Equally as important, someone who isn't afraid to express their emotions and their unique art in the world. You don't have to love the experience, but acceptance is the key.

For so long your mind has protected you from actually feeling the depths of your emotions in fear that this suffering may destroy you. The fear of feeling and honoring those feelings has kept most people circling around this portal to grace but never actually venturing in.

What if the truth was that emotions cannot kill you? If this was true would you venture into your own life experience wholeheartedly? Would you be able to keep your heart open when faced with your own perfect storm?

It is through your openness to experience the emotional wave that you are able to dive deep into your own suffering. To uncover the hidden treasure within and share that with the world.

No journey is the same and so everyone experiences the abyss within the portal differently. It is a black hole that propels you deep into your subconscious. You won't know where you are going util you get there. If you can keep your heart open through this experience the reward is priceless.


Who is Grace?

Grace is the gift you receive within when you enter deep into your own suffering.  She is a Powerful Enchantress, the Divine Feminine Spirit, the Shakti Essence and the Cosmic Mother.

The spirit of Grace knows that there is nothing in a human being that is unworthy of love. What we feel we need to hide or get rid of is often what needs to be felt and expressed. 

This Divine Mother honors what is inside of us and encourages creative expression. She wants you to let your melancholy and agonizing moments be expressed through music, poetry and art. This archetype knows how to dance and sing with what hurts. This is the way she brings her spirit to suffering.

Grace brings a space of neutrality, peace and love. She is always holding space for us to be highly aware of what’s happening within. It’s a judgment free space and without threats of interference. A safe space to feel, see, hear and be with all aspects of our being. She is our mirror, our bridge, our path to our greatest potential. 

This archetype of Grace awaits you when you can accept the invitation and enter into the portal wholeheartedly. She has many names and you will form an intimate relationship with her.


Internal Motivator:

Artistic urge to express

The beauty of shared melancholy

Passion and infatuation

Vivid emotional spirit

Sharing the inner world


Positive Attributes:






Space holding




Achilles Heel:

The pressure to express feeling

Allowing oneself to drown in feeling

Fear of silence and lack of growth

Nervousness over openness

Can feel lost in infatuation

Changing moods

Melancholy as if nothing is worth listening to

Only hears what it feels like hearing


Repressive Nature:


Here we find a deeply false sense of character. You may appear balanced, calm and proper on the outside. Inwardly however, your emotions are often boiling. You try to hide deep sexual lust, violence, hatred and resentments. Your main fear is that of losing control.


Reactive Nature:


Here we have inappropriate antisocial behavior. This means you can’t control your emotional reactions. You may live a disreputable but passionate life with self-destructive behaviors. Even at your lows you are able to create wonderful art or music, but your private life and relationships suffer. The main issue is that you don’t know how to listen - either to yourself or to others - which creates chaos and misunderstandings.

Message From Our Portal Guardians:

Johanna Burkhardt,

The Soul Evolution Leader

See how Johanna experiences the 22nd archetype as the "Divine Mother"

(streamed LIVE from our Facebook page and YouTube)


Richard Rudd

Gene Keys

“This is the great message of the 22nd gene key – to find graciousness in the face of suffering, and perhaps even to find something more – holiness itself wearing a disguise.”


Simone Gers

Soul Whisperer - Quantum Shaman

Right Angle Cross of Consciousness




Magic rainbow portal on night scene. Neon circle digital hologram with colored light rays and sparkles. Realistic beam stage. Glowing futuristic teleport. Shining podium isolated on black background

It is time to use your POWER OF GRACIOUSNESS to experience LIFE. It is time to say yes to suffering. Are you brave enough?



gate 22

Gene Key Title: Grace Under Pressure

Dishonor - Graciousness – Grace

Victim of Other’s Ungracious Behavior


Shadow: The Sweetness of Suffering (Dishonor)

“All thoughts, feelings and acts are recorded everywhere within the body of the universe.”


Gift: The Milk of Human Kindness, The Venus Sequence, The Six Core Wounds of Humanity (Graciousness)

“With the gift of graciousness, you begin to disperse your own karma and that of your ancestral DNA”


Siddhi: The Seven Sacred Seals (Grace)

“The sixth seal delivers the ‘coup de grace’ as it heals the ultimate human wound – that of separation.”

Gene Key

Discover the 22nd Gene Key from its original source.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED inside you and out of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.


Instrumental Meditation Album by Entheo

"These glowing, radiant soundscapes illuminate the holy temple of the human heart, singing to the tender places of suffering and wounding, offering frequencies of Grace, Truth, Forgiveness, Epiphany, Love and Awareness, aligning us with Divine Will. These transmissions invite the necessary initiations and experiences into our life so we may integrate our wounding and embody our highest aspects.

Luminescence is seven extended musical journeys, directly linked to, and invoked by the teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals:

“The Seven Seals are an invocation and a prayer – for solace and softness, for clarity and truth and above all, for the power of Grace.”
– Richard Rudd

This music was originally created as music for the Seven Sacred Seals retreat on Cortes Island, BC, Canada and is now being offered here so listeners may deepen in these frequencies of Grace."


22nd Gene Key Chapter

Read the Digital version of Richard Rudd's 22nd Gene Key chapter.

You can purchase the complete book here.

(22 pages)


Portal to Grace Attunements

The Gift of Graciousness Activation (17:38)

iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Keeping Still Mountain (16:16)

Clinging Fire (14:36)

22nd Gene Key Body of Light Attunement (6:00)



“Spiritual initiation is a natural, organic process that occurs to all human beings at a certain point in their lives.”

-Richard Rudd, Gene Key 22

"The more you pause and listen the more grateful and gracious your spirit becomes."

-Richard Rudd

"It's the real divine feminine. The spirit of grace. Practical, unpalpable, luminous, but always available to the one who loves deeply enough."

-Richard Rudd

"Graciousness is a process of bringing grace into form. graciousness thrives on challenges. Life will go on testing your graciousness"

-Richard Rudd

“Simply by a heartfelt invocation, you can now call upon grace.”

-Richard Rudd, Gene Key 22

"The 22nd Gift also ensures that you balance your respect of others with a healthy dose of self-respect by not allowing yourself to become a victim of someone else’s emotions. This delicate balance between service and self-love marks you as someone who profoundly understands the power of emotional suffering. Because of this, others will look to you for guidance and authority."

-Richard Rudd, Gene Key 22

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wow thank you! LOVE all the resources! Soo grateful to you all for illuminating Grace!

Tiffany Jamieson

Thank you so much for making this all available <3 I will continue to navigate the abundance of knowledge available on this website but for now I just had to comment on what I just experienced. I pressed play to listen to the 7th Seal Invocation while I took a shower. I just had the most profound, cleansing and clarifying, deep-belly cry while I listened. My tears were releasing generations of trauma and suffering in myself and my family but also I could feel the suffering of the Earth pouring through me. During the outpouring of emotions, I received the… Read more »


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