chalice of love blood


The Innocent

an invitation to love

Who is the Archetype?

This archetype radiates gentleness and has a childlike innocence, even if his life path is complex and demanding. He has cultivated a deep trust that the universe will look after him and that love will conquer all. The Innocent is not designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination. He empowers others with the potential to love life and everything in it equally. This archetype has a deep compassion for all life, but not for any one individual over another.


The Innocent knows that the world can be healed through love and trust, but easily overestimates how capable the collective currently is of loving and trusting. The challenge for this archetype is understanding why other people do the things they do. When he witnesses something he perceives as not loving, he can feel confused. However, he is not here to tell people how to behave differently or how to love. Instead his natural role is to be a role model.


What the Innocent brings to all his relationships is honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity. This sometimes leaves him vulnerable to be taken advantage of by others, but his innocence shouldn't be mistaken for naivete. He is learning discernment and his deep optimism remains untouched. This comes from a true acceptance of the physical form and what it is to be human.


The Innocent will repeatedly and often unexpectedly be tested by life. As he starts to perceive these shocks as spiritual initiations, he grows into a love warrior that is ready to stand up for the human spirit and uniqueness no matter the circumstances. Initially, he may emerge a bit bruised from such initiations. Little by little, he learns to land on his feet and deepen the innocence into wisdom. His triumph and survival enriches his spirit and the spirit of those around him. His aura radiates the love of being.


The initiations of the Innocent include embracing his deepest wounds, no matter how dark or painful they may seem. When he goes to these places and takes others there and accepts the constriction, healing spontaneously happens.


The Innocent is drawn to the excitement and thrill of Thunder (51). The powerful will of the Initiator empowers the universal love of the Innocent. Together, leap into the unknown and are the first in places where no one has arrived before. They also initiate others into doing things they don’t normally do. Their connection is deeply shamanic and can be linked to the Consecration and the Blood. The blood represents the conduit for the sacred wound, through the blood that passes from human to human down the lineage and that contains the codes of healing. Through the myth of Christ the blood represents the absolute acceptance of suffering of all humans from the beginning of time and which is encoded in the human genome.


The Innocent’s sister is the Sensual (46), and her way of perceiving and expressing love is different from his. For her, love is perceived through the body and soul. She is all about sensing and sharing love through physical closeness and exploration. As these two archetypes come together, they show us the power of including the universal love of spirit, and the embodied love of the individuated soul. As humans, we aren’t here to choose either or. As we evolve to higher frequencies of being, we house both soul and spirit in our vessel, and we experience both human and universal love.


The Innocent is one of the portal guardians to the Codon Ring of Humanity. Here we find love and the human capacity to trust in the authority of the heart.

Tune Into Love


Core Belief:

Love is the remedy


Positive Attributes:

Trusts life despite of many tests

Creates relationships based on truthfulness and egolessness

He empowers others to love life

He is motiveless


Achilles Heel:

Challenged by life over and over again

Confusion when witnessing unloving acts

The quality of loving everything equally can be perceived as cold




Heaven over Thunder



Quarter of Initiation

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through the Mind



Right Auricle/Ventricle (Glycine & Arginine)


Codon Ring:

Ring of Humanity (10, 17, 25, 38, 51)

Amino Acid: Arginine

Physiology: Heart

Exploring the Archetype

Understand the Innocent


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Human Design Harmonic Gate

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Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED inside you and out of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 25th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of Constrictive Breathing



Repressive Nature:


Reactive Nature:




Constriction Training

"To be alive in a physical body can be experienced as the ultimate constriction, especially if your reality is rooted in fear."



Accepting Love

“You have to relax these layers deep inside you so that you can feel the flow of love once more moving within your being.”


Universal Love

The Rose and the Chalice

“The bodies of these people have undergone a radical transformation in order to be the receiver or chalice for pure consciousness.”

Soul Conversations with Simone


Simone Gers

Soul Whisperer - Quantum Shaman

Right Angle Cross of Consciousness

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This course includes a roadmap highlighting the pitfalls and potentials of this zodiac season. We also introduce you to the corresponding house, ruling planet, associated archetypes, as well as practical ways to live in flow and alignment with universal energies during this time.

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The harder you choke down the pain inside, the tighter it engulfs you. If, however, you have the courage to honor and listen to the wound within, everything will change for you.

- Love

Constriction exists wherever love is absent, and it is the underlying source of all human suffering.

- Love

The love emanating from me has an otherworldly quality. My body has undergone a radical transformation in order to be the receiver or chalice for pure consciousness — the uncontaminated blood of the universe.

- Love

"I have made you in my image. You are worthy of everything and more. Share your heart and soul with others. Let love pour in, through and out of you."


The Innocent (25) Digital Course !

Embody the Archetype: Explore, Flow, Play, Share, Lead, Envision.

Harmonic Gate: Thunder (51)
Programming Partner: The Sensual (46)
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My experience with this Archetype leaded me to accept all sorts of aspects of the human nature and embrace the futility of life and the emptiness which can sometimes arise when the heart is wounded. As I posses also the 51 Archetype, also in Mars position, sometimes I’ve experienced harsh situations where the lack of love made me understand that we are here to wound ourselves in order to feel alive. There is no certainty, separation was a big theme in my life in order to protect my integrity and remain in touch with my love of self. Life brought… Read more »

Unlock Your Design

Thank you for sharing. We see you. PEACE be with you also.


wounded to feel alive feels dead center of what it feels like. i feel you!


I’m this gene key. Makes me cry when I read it. I know universal love so intrinsically to my nature. My innocence is always with me. People can’t seem to fathom my way of being. Though this love is all I know amidst everything.


I love what you’ve shared here and feel your use of the pronoun he is keeping this work within the patriarchal system. It is limiting (maybe intentionally?) who this work is for. He does not encompass she, they or we. Using we or they includes all those who are not “he.” Centering all beings rather than men.


I have this key as my life’s purpose. One of my deep wounds (past life and current) was healing the wound of the matriarchy. The thing with this key is that whatever triggers is the way in. It’s universal love so it’s here to accept it all as it is, not to change it. I can say I understand how hard it is though as I was convinced that my partner was the reason I wasn’t happy and spent a long time trying to change her and get her to see the error of her ways. It was only when… Read more »