"There is no greater symbol for diving into the abyss than that of living your life entirely from your heart."

The Water Goddess


Who is this Archetype?

The Water Goddess archetype knows how to say yes to life and to trust it fully. She devotes herself to what she trusts. She doesn’t hold anything back. Her water flows uninterrupted toward its goal. She has learnt to not let her perseverance drive her to over-commit. Commitment is akin to trust, which can neither be forced nor willed. Her yeses are always in genuine alignment with her nature.


When she says yes to something or someone she will engage in the experience wholeheartedly. The Water Goddess trusts her in-the-moment guidance. She honors the stream of experiences and relationships until each cycle reaches its natural completion. She totally surrenders herself to it, releasing all expectations about its outcome. To her, there is no such thing as failure or success, but only continual discovery. The Water Goddess is one with the journey in every moment.


The Water Goddess confronts the fear in the deep waters of the unconscious, where she also acquires power and realizations. With the courage to face the dark, the Water Goddess becomes ever more free and strong and clear--devoted. 


It’s in her nature to descend the dangerous abyss and transcend any experience. She is a role model for transformation on a journey where the current constantly opens her to deeper self discovery, knowing truth, and trusting the flow.  



Devotion, Deep Waters, Yes



Post Vagina / Post Prostatic Fascia



Leo - Fixed Fire

Virgo - Mutable Earth


Internal Motivator:

Faith in the process


Positive Attributes:



Goes with the flow


Achilles Heel:

May fail in other people’s opinion


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Commitments or Lack of

Dilemma: Postponement


Repressive Nature:


You make commitments and keep them no matter what happens. You are unable or unwilling to recognize when natural cycles are over. You take on far more than you are capable of handling and then become gradually exhausted by the magnitude of your commitments. You often become victims of others, or you become a slave of a 

large organization. You don't have the courage to admit when something needs to end, and you continue to allow others to abuse you, either consciously or unconsciously.

From the Gene Keys

Reactive Nature:


When one does something without true commitment, then one can rarely follow through an action or a cycle with confidence and competence. The usual result is the breaking off of the cycle and a consequent disappointment and sense of failure or shame. You may say yes to all kinds of things, but then you react to the pressure by pulling out of your commitments. The anger inherent within you is usually triggered by someone else’s expectation of you, and thus you tend to talk things up whilst lacking the ability to deliver on your promises.

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

Do you tend to say yes when, on the inside, you mean no?

What do you feel in your body when you say no?

Are you prone to over committing?

Do you follow through with your promises?

Do you often have the feeling that you are being taken advantage of?

Do you feel used, abused, or bullied in any area of your life?

What in your life needs to come to an end? Are you postponing the inevitable? Why?

What is your true path? Are you walking it? Are you ready to say yes to it wholeheartedly?

What do you trust in your life?  You? Others? What experiences? Relationships?

What can you count on?

What do you not trust in your life?

What does devotion in a relationship look like for you? Have you experienced it? How important is it for you?

If there is any place you’d like to choose something different in your life, how do you speak your truth with love?

What is your soul yearning for?


"I care nothing for morality or taboos. I am only interested in one thing—surrender into the heart."



I say yes even-though its hard.

It's worth the experience.

I trust my journey.

I trust the process.

I commit completely.

I am one with the experience.


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"As you allow the energy of commitment to act itself out in the world, you begin to realise that an energy separate from your body is moving through you."
- The Water Goddess

Gene Key Title: Leaping into the Void

Half-Heartedness - Commitment - Devotion

Victim Pattern: Victim of Commitment or Lack Of


Shadow: The Life Half-Lived (Half-Heartedness)

“Half-Heartedness robs you of your opportunity to participate in life’s mystery.”


Gift: The Business of Luck (Commitment)

“A clear decision is felt as a quiet and powerful warmth that courses through your whole being.”


Siddhi: Tantric Contagion (Devotion)

“The devoted means to lie forever in the lap of the Divine.”

Gene Key

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Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Archetype 29

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"The great challenge for the devotee is to allow him or herself to be annihilated and take the great leap into full embodiment. When the devotee crosses the abyss, he or she will never emerge on the other side."
-The Water Goddess

Water Goddess Attunements

iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Abysmal Water (14:41)

Gene Key 29 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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"With commitment, I have no need to think about the future or the goal because the commitment contains the seed of the goal within it."

- The Water Goddess

"Life is latticed with cycles within cycles—some journeys last five minutes and some last a lifetime."

- The Water Goddess

"My electrical, almost sexual aura creates considerable waves when I appear in the world."

- The Water Goddess

"My electrical, almost sexual aura creates considerable waves when I appear in the world."

- The Water Goddess

"When the life currents begin to move through the chambers of your chest and heart, the devotional energy is activated. This is the essence of tantra—the spontaneous surrender of your being to its higher evolution."

- The Water Goddess

"All the love that has been poured into the object of devotion suddenly begins pouring back into the devoted one from everything in their universe."

- The Water Goddess

"Devotion is commitment gone mad in the sense that you have to leave the order of your mind to enter into the wildness of your heart."

- The Water Goddess

"There is no greater symbol for diving into the abyss than that of living your life entirely from your heart."

- The Water Goddess



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