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Fire over Fire

30 is about FEELING

Gene key 30 pulled me out of my head and into my heart. Out of my fear and into my feels. Out of my judgement and into my surrender. Out of duality and into the ONE.

I’ve been living in a multidimensional quantum reality ever since and we all have been doing this together for a while we are just remembering one by one together.

I would like to use this key as a way to learn how to see Codon Rings telling a story and working together according to my contemplation as well as some key insights from Richard Rudd’s contemplations in the 64 Ways. I’ve been deeply entrenched - I might even say raptured - into the fascination of how all of these codes work together and tell a story so I put it all together and summarized for this challenge.

Image from the Living Library

In particular to start let’s go back a few weeks to Gene key 49 this was the start of the Codon Ring of Whirlwind (pictured above), following Gene Key 13 which started the Codon Ring of Purification (pictured below) weaving in the 13 to the 30 to complete the Codon Ring of Purification for this week and then closing out the Ring of Whirlwind with the Dragonfly’s Dream Gene Key 55 which I call Heaven on Earth.

“The 49 is the second birth. It’s nothing less than a complete erasing of the genetic imprinting of our birth. It’s a reset in primary purpose, or a reboot of our DNA back to its factory settings before we were born. It’s a transcendence of the actual genetic imprinting itself.

The Ring of the Whirlwind with the 55th and 49th Gene Keys and it’s related amino acid histidine, is the place where the mutation first begins. Mutation requires great heat and the greater the heat, the faster and more dramatic the mutation. The metaphorical heat is the voltage of unconditional love that purifies the structure of DNA so that it must adapt to the new frequencies. It will become a triple helix rather than a double.... DNA literally needs heat in order to mutate”.

(64 Ways GK 49 revolution - rebirth)
Image from the Living Library

So we allow the Celestial Fires of Gene Key 30 to purify our cells, our shadows, our memories, our karmas that are keeping us from lightness. Keeping us from expanding. Keeping us from transcending into the Gift and Siddhic frequencies. As we allow these fires to purify we start to remember our natural states of the divine frequencies of the Siddhis. They are just a surrender and a frequency away from being on fire with desire that leads you to lightness.


Step 1: Get cozy and peaceful

Find a cozy space to lie down and rest your body so so comfy. Candles. Crystals. Oils. Whatever it is that brings you that calm and peaceful FEELING.

Step 2: Tune Out to Tune In

Since 30 is about feeling and allowing desire to lead us, we must learn to tune into our FEELS more deeply. It’s time to drown out the crowd and external outer influences and old programs of the mind. Tune out any and everything keeping you from FEELING your true self

Step 3: Call Upon The 30

Affirm and call in by stating - "I call in the Codon Ring of Purification and the Celestial Fire to burnout any and all physical and emotional disturbance for my highest and greatest good and timelines."

Step 4: Call Upon Shiva

Jaya Shiva Shankara Mantra -

"Jaya Shiva Shankara Bom Bom Hare Hare"

Allow yourself to relax in your comfy space while playing this mantra for 10-12 minutes.

Shiva is the destroyer who ends the cycle of time which, in turn, begins a new Creation.

Jaya Shiva Shankara mantra meaning:
Shankara means The Destroyer of Obstacles or The Destroyer of Doubt

Bom means Hail to

Hara means The Remover of Evil

Mahadeva means The Great God.

Step 5: Transmuting with the Sacred Flames

Envision one ice blue white crystalline flame and one red orange golden flame moving through your heart, your soul, your organs, your cells, your past, your memories, your entire body your karmic attachments, your previous lifetimes, your personally history, your personal story, your fear.

FEEL these fires into your body to purify and as we step into this Gene key 55 allow the individual mutation to start off this 7 year cycle leading into 2027. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for to bring in the new humanity, the homo sanctus, the 6th Race, the Trivian Human.

Allow Your Cells to Remember. Allow Your DNA to Reboot. Surrender Into Rapture.


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