"Veneration is rooted in respect, reverence and gratitude for all aspects and forms of the source consciousness behind creation."

The Guardian


Who is this Archetype?

The Guardian is grounded in the wisdom and reverence of his ancestors. He has an in-born instinct for the true value of things. He can detect the slightest shift in the environment and sense shifting circumstances in the world. This archetype knows when something threatens to bring instability or change. 


In this archetype, there is an underlying conservatism, knowing that restraint ensures continuity and long term success for the individual, community and this planet. At the same time, he can discern or challenge outdated or self-serving agendas. 


The Guardian has the ability to assess the past, weeding out weaknesses and building upon strengths. This comes from his intuition to know when a dream is worth bringing into form and reality. He recognizes what and who are worthy of his energy and sees what relationships and projects he wants to keep alive for the benefit of the whole and the future generations. 


The Guardian is more of an evaluator than a doer. He knows what can or cannot be transformed successfully and acts as the brake on the drive of the Achiever archetype (54).  The Guardian shows us how to honor where we have come from and allow the  earth to teach us how to move in harmony with its natural rhythms and cycles. The more we align ourselves with nature, the more successful we will become as a species.


The Guardian loves commitment and long term goals. He is also great at finding allies that will help him. When he commits, he gives his all and endures whatever is needed to advance. His endurance is flexible and adapts to changing circumstances. 


The Guardian inherently knows that maintaining success in life requires a steadfast set of principles coupled with a constant ability to update, revolutionize and expand the original investment, finding the way towards the goal while minimizing risk to ensure continuity.—



Preservation, Ancestral Reverence, Instinctive Discernment



Libra - Cardinal Air




Thunder over Wind



Right Amygdala/Spleen 



Quarter of Duality

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Relationships


Internal Motivator:

I walk this earth with respect, reverence and gratitude for all aspects and forms of the source consciousness behind creation.


Positive Attributes:



A great ally


Achilles Heel:

Reluctant to accept failure

Sensitive to how human beings treat Mother Earth


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Your Idea of Success

Dilemma: Panic


Repressive Nature:


You are literally choking yourself physically, emotionally and financially. You are starving yourself of breath and of support from others. Your tendency is to isolate yourself in a tight little community that does not interface with the wider world. Such communities, groupings or cults can easily become paranoid about the rest of the world, and it is usually only a matter of time before they die out altogether.

From the Gene Keys

 Reactive Nature:


Here we find the anger that there is nothing to support you but yourself. This means that your anger will drive you into a self-destructive life pattern that will probably escalate at an alarming rate. If you have lost touch with the flow of life, then nothing really goes smoothly for you—you have cut yourself off from the source. When you live such a disjointed life, with no real rhythm or purpose, you put yourself in great physical danger. Every decision you make in life either connects you to something greater than yourself or cuts you off from your true and vital inheritance, leaving you feeling isolated and alone.

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

What is your relationship with success?  Does the idea of success propel you forward? Does the concept of what success will look like lock you into a vision that imprisons you? 

What provokes panic within you?

Where do you experience of being locked in? When do you feel like you can’t breathe?

Have you experienced paranoia? Is paranoia a theme in your close community?

What is your relationship to failure? 

How has your fear of failure impacted your life? What have you missed out on while trying to avoid failure? 

Do you remember acting out of anger, and then your anger response escalated, causing more damage, pain, suffering?

When are you good at prioritizing? How do you prioritize?

What is essential for you? 

How and when have you experienced flow in life--like everything lines up for you? If you you realise things are not flowing, what do you do to shift the energy?

What in your life could use even more of your care, energy and investment?

What experiences do you remember being connected to the whole or disconnected? How did you feel during these experiences? If you’ve experienced disconnection, how did you shift?

Do you contemplate your past to identify what your strengths and challenges were to continually build on your strengths and convert, transform, integrate, or release challenges?

What wisdom from the past is part of your now?

Where in your life have you been resisting change. How can you find the courage to allow it and transform?

Do you plan for time in nature?  Do you experience the natural flows of nature?

Do you have true allies in your life? Did you know they would be from the very beginning of your relationship? If yes, how did you know?

How are you an ally to others? To Gaia?

What is your experience with veneration? What do you truly respect? Revere? What do you cherish? What are you truly grateful for?

Do you sense success?


"The Guardian has the ability to assess the past, weeding out weaknesses and building upon strengths."


"Failure is only an outcome when you cut yourself off from the whole."
- The Guardian


"As we learn once again to honor where we have come from, the earth will teach us how to move in harmony with its natural rhythms and cycles."
- The Guardian

Gene Key Title: Ancestral Reverence 

Failure – Preservation – Veneration

Victim of your idea of success.


Shadow: The Myth of Failure (Failure)

"True success means no longer being ruled by the concept of success and failure."


Gift: The Art of Grafting (Preservation)

"As we listen to the great wisdom of our ancestors and of the indigenous tribal cultures, we will once again find our correct inner spirit."


Siddhi: The Perfume of Consciousness (Veneration)

"The more you contemplate the 32nd Siddhi, the more reverence you will inevitably feel for all life."


Gene Key

Discover the 32nd Gene Key from its original source.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.


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"Veneration is about being on a spiral ladder. You stand on the shoulders of those who have come before you, and you allow those who will go beyond you to stand upon your shoulders in turn."
- The Guardian

Guardian Attunements

Gene Key 32 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Arousing Thunder (14:26)

Gentle Wind (14:23)


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"Veneration is the state that occurs when you see and know your place within the great living chain of life."
- The Guardian


32th Archetype Artwork by Alvaro Santamaria


32nd Gene Key Artwork by Jane Adams

Tuck your right thumb under the fingers of your left hand and let them greet and meet.



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