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"Wherever there is a fight for a higher purpose especially against insurmountable odds, there you will find me."
- The Warrior

The Warrior

Battle - Higher Values - Independence

Who is this Archetype?

This archetype is a sacred light warrior who pours his whole heart, body and soul into every literal or symbolic battle he goes into. The Warrior has an inherent pressure to discover the value of life. There must be a reason to exist, a higher purpose, that makes it worth it to give it all for. Through the journey, he finds the meaning in life, and becomes wise about what fights are worth fighting.


The Warrior is independent, focused, determined, and ready to meet any challenge at any moment. He preserves his personal integrity by opposing those forces that would compromise him. He can be opinionated, provocative, and controversial. The obstacles he encounters are here to test his commitment, sharpen his abilities, increase his aliveness and strengthen his life purpose. His relentless determination to persevere empowers others to discern for themselves what is worth fighting for.


The Warrior is not afraid to challenge any authority figure who gets in the way of him reaching his goal. He loves to stand up for those that don’t have the ability or courage. He actually transcends his feeling of separateness by serving a goal beyond himself. Honorable until the end, the Warrior will defend the truth within. Much like a gladiator, he will fight to the last drop of blood, embodying valor and higher values. Eventually, maybe even after his death, he will gain appreciation for his stance for truth in the world.


This archetype can turn the battle into a dance, and empower people to liberate themselves from victimization. In fact, the Warrior makes the impossible look effortless, even whilst exerting himself fully. And when he fights for love, not fear, everyone wins. This is why many see him as a hero.


The Warrior has an intimate relationship with the Liberator (39). As fearless as he is on the battlefield and in the outer world, she is in the realm of emotions, and this polarity creates a powerful attraction between them. The only place where the Warrior allows himself to completely relax is in the arms of his beloved. The Liberator knows how to receive him and warm his heart. She is proud of her life partner and knows that when he has to leave their love nest it is to give his energy and courage for a higher purpose that they both are serving in different ways. Ultimately, they both fight for love, and love always conquers fear.


The Warrior also has a close relationship to the Daredevil (28) who is his most important ally when it comes to discerning what projects and goals are worthy of his energy. Whereas the Warrior has incredible perseverance, the Daredevil intuitively knows what endeavors will lead to transformation and a deep sense of purpose.


Together, the Warrior, Daredevil and Liberator help us overcome and dissolve our individual and collective fears. They create the sacred trinity of Honor, Immortality and Liberation. Christ on the cross is an embodiment of this energy. They show us that every true act of honor, courage, and love endures forever.


In the Codon Ring of Seeking, where the Warrior is a Portal Guardian together with the Wildwoman (15), the Liberator (39), the Mountain (52), the Initiator (53) and the Achiever (54), the Warrior is representing the search for a higher Purpose.

Additional Keywords:

Tension, Purpose, Honor

Internal Motivator:

"The Hero’s Journey is my life path."

Positive Attributes:

Courageously fights for what is of value

On a continuous quest to embody a higher purpose

Perseveres until the end

Achilles Heel:

Only hears what he wants to hear

Melancholy over not knowing what to fight for

Perseverance can look like struggle from the outside


Fire over Lake



Quarter of Mutation

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation


Capricorn - Cardinal Earth


Right Adrenal Gland (Adrenaline)

Codon Ring:

Codon Ring of Humanity (25, 10, 38, 51, 21, 17)

Amino Acid: Arginine

Physiology: Adrenals

Exploring the Archetype

"I simply know in my heart when something is right and once I have committed my full energy to the appointed task I will never, ever back down."
- The Warrior



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"The experience of fighting a battle against the odds, but for a higher purpose, fills you with an indomitable spirit that feeds on itself and becomes stronger and stronger."
- Richard Rudd, Gene Key 38

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Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 38th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of the belief that you have to struggle



Repressive Nature:


Reactive Nature:




A Fight Without Purpose

"If there is nothing left to fight for, you may cease to exist."

"Here you meet the difference between meeting obstacles and fighting resistance."



The Indomitable Spirit of the Underdog

"Nothing is impossible if you stand up for what you believe in."



"Greater Love Hath No Man ..."

"To honor someone is to hold them to their highest frequency no matter what their current frequency may be."

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"I am designed for obstacles — in fact I love them. I make the impossible look effortless, even whilst exerting myself fully."
- The Warrior

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"Honor is the energy field of every single human being when they are living their individual truth."
-Richard Rudd, Gene Key 38

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38th Gene Key Artwork by Jane Adams


Gentle but strong … through the breathing, open up this channel all around arms and back of shoulders, back of the heart where tension sometimes gathers.  You don’t want to push it but feel it gently.  The field of Honor is an all pervasive gentle Respect.  You honor every being for Who they are, for where they are at, even if they are a difficult person … the field of Honor unites us all in this game of life we play.”


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Harmonic Gate: The Daredevil (28)
Programming Partner: The Liberator (39)
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Dennis Battler

Very helpful… extremely pertinent, most accurate, offering confirmation of the inherent qualities.


Thank you Denis! This is Bella and this is my South Node 38.6



The Shadow, Gift and Siddhi on this gate (38) appears to be referring to gate 58.

I noticed in other gate’s comments that this has happened before because you are using a template, just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for this amazing work. This is my new favorite Human Design page. Everything is so well explained and is really easy on the eyes.