"I don’t wait but initiate, push, spark and catalyze."

Impulse, Revival, Abundance

Who is this Archetype?

The Liberator is creative, unique and individualistic. Without listening much to others, she follows her own path, knowing that anything is possible.


With an inherent root pressure to poke and tease life, the Liberator stirs the emotions in others in order to feel the quality of their spirit and catalyzes reactions that can be troublesome, mischievous, entertaining or sexual. She loves cracking the armor around others’ hearts and arousing their life force and vitality.


Naturally flirty, the Liberator wants to tickle your heart and free your soul. For her, making love is a spiritual experience that brings both her and her lover a deep sense of fulfillment and release. Her intimate partner is the Warrior (38) who assures there is always a higher purpose and growth through in their relationship. They have deep respect for each other and know they can attain anything when they join forces.


The Liberator’s powerful aura will provoke others, even when she does nothing at all! If she feels she has no impact on the other, she will quickly look for other waters to stir.  Her provocation encourages us to explore our passions and unleash our dynamism.


Ultimately, the Liberator leads us out of thought patterns and habits that keep us stuck in the idea that there isn't enough for everyone. For those of us who are ready, the Liberator shifts our awareness to refocus on the abundance of spirit, where there is always more than enough. She shows us how to breathe, oxygenate and expand.


The Liberator is here to change the world with her provocative energy of liberation, testing and challenging those who are drawn to it. The Liberator is not here to lose her energy on those who want to stay stuck in the lower frequencies of 3D and with the Game Changer (55), her best friend, deeply invests in role modeling the shift from victimhood to freedom.


The Liberator pushes us outside our comfort zones and forces us to look beyond the immediate appearance of things. With her nudge, we realize we are unique and sovereign creators of our own reality. The energy of liberation ultimately provokes the realization of freedom.

Get Liberated

The Liberator Through an Astrological Eye

The Liberator embodies the astrological qualities of Cancer, and she lives fully through the relationships where there is love.


She demonstrates liberation through love, and she doesn’t care about any other kind of liberation. She is ready to provoke and create a reaction when she knows there is a possibility to crack the hard shell that humans tend to have around the heart.


This shell is often the thickest in the family. We have learned to “protect” ourselves from the hurt that we felt in the past, which means we are also protecting ourselves from love and transformation.


The Liberator has a crabshell not for protection, but as a champion of love. She is not going to accept that we perpetuate the same core wound in our family and relationship dynamics. As we have seen already, her twin flame is the Warrior (38) of purpose .


The only battle that is worth fighting is that fought for love. The Liberator doesn’t throw in the towel. The shell is in some way a protection for all that comes out as loved ones start to open and come closer to the wound. They will access what has been repressed, denied, shamed, rejected, blamed or resigned.


As it starts to come out, it's always projected on the one that seemingly provoked it. The Liberator will stand there, firm and present, in the knowingness that the reaction and blurting is part of the process. It’s not going anywhere. She can take it and knows there are deeper layers.


In this part of the process, the Liberator may call on her Scorpio cousin the Daredevil (28). (Everyone in Human Design knows that there is a special geometry between 39, 38 and 28. The 38 and 39 are opposites in the wheel and 38 and 28 are harmonic gates.)


Scorpio isn’t afraid of the deep and dark, it enjoys the intensity. It feels an existential thrill when the old dies to a new possibility that opens from the depths. Even when Scorpio, the Daredevil, is there, Cancer will feel the pain in the layering of the wound. Often, the Liberator cries the tears of the other who isn’t yet able to cry.


The Liberator keeps provoking, maybe in a softer way since at this point not much is needed. And it comes to the point where the other breaks through. Gets access to the heart that has been guarded. Starts to breathe spirit again. Feels a glimpse of freedom.


When the other opens to the Liberator, paradoxically, there is first a slight hesitancy. Can she really trust that the other is capable of sharing what’s real? The Liberator is built to help crack the shell, and her own lesson is to learn to receive the love that becomes accessible through this labor.


Once the Liberator trusts not only to provoke but also to receive fully, relationships are healed, lineages are reconciled, and humanity is transformed.



Passionate, Arousing, Catalyzing



Internal Motivator:

Freedom of spirit


Positive Attributes:





Achilles Heel:

Button pusher

Asks for attention

Melancholy of not knowing whom to provoke


I Ching:


Water over Mountain



Quarter of Civilization

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Form




Left Adrenal Gland  (Adrenaline)

Codon Ring:

Ring of Seeking (15, 39, 52, 53, 54, 58)

Amino Acid: Serine



“All that is required to realize the Self is to be still.”
- Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Liberator's Mantra

I am powerful and use my power wisely,
with great care to provoke others,
to catalyze them to great change,
abundance, and sovereignty.
I am the Liberator.

Understand The Liberator



"Play is dynamism exemplified."
- The Liberator

Human Design Harmonic Gate


Gene Keys Programming Partner


Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 39th Gene Key from its original source.

"The person manifesting the Siddhi of Liberation is profoundly dangerous to be around — not in the sense of physical danger, but in the sense of the Shadow patterns. This is not a person that treads lightly around you. This is a force that bores right into the heart of your low frequency patterns and strips you down to the bones of your true being. These are the teachers who direct the force of their love right at the weakest chink in your armour. Just as the lower frequency of this Gene Key pushes your buttons out of reaction, the sage displaying the 39th Siddhi will use any technique at their disposal to test the limits of your surrender. If you take anything personally, then you still have limits to your surrender."

Rudd, Richard. The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA 
Victim Pattern:

Victim of Your Moods



Repressive Nature:


When fear is not expressed it traps us. What is really trapped is your unlimited reservoir of life force and creativity. Your life energy is frozen. Locked into habitual emotional patterns, your awesome human potential lies completely inert, as though asleep.

Reactive Nature:


As you begin to feel your fear, it transforms into anger, and you begin to act it out or project it onto others. This is the energy of provocation. It is actually fear made dynamic, but there is not yet freedom within it. You are still trapped by your anger and by your need to externalize your fear through causing others pain. By provoking others, you are simply heaping misery back on yourself.



Attitude and Altitude

“Violence is an addiction for most people on our planet, which is why we endlessly watch it on our television screens.”



The Pressure of Creativity

“The first seven years of a child’s life is the natural seeding time of their later genius.



The Crux Point

“Only in giving up the illusion of your individual freedom can you receive an ever greater gift – the liberation of being.”


Archetype 39

(Streamed from our Facebook page and YouTube)


"I touch other people’s spirits in a way that helps them break out of their traps and into higher levels of freedom and energy."

- The Liberator


Embody the Liberator

We Bridge the Gap between Theory & Embodiment

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Attunements & Meditations

Community Gathering Invitations and Replays

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Let the Liberator teach you how to embody its gifts and wisdom.

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"The energy of liberation ultimately provokes the realization of freedom."
- The Liberator

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Illustration for 'A journey through the Gene Keys' by Virginia Lee

The 39th Gene Key/Hexagram ~Obstacles Water Flows Down the Mountain. Love effortlessly carves its own path through even the hardest of rock.

Mountain goat from the Canadian Rockies by Jane Adams
Rest 4th and 3rd fingers on thumb and raise pinkie and forefingers – an ancient mudra for earthing and stability.

The Liberator (39) Digital Course !

Embody the Archetype: Explore, Flow, Play, Share, Lead, Envision.

Harmonic Gate: The Game Changer (55)
Programming Partner: The Warrior (38)
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Great work as per usual. An exhaustive view of 39 from both HDS and GK perspectives.
I’m a 2/4 MG on the RAX of tension 2


Great work as per usual. An exhaustive view of 39 from both HDS and GK perspectives.
I’m a 2/4 MG on the RAX of tension 2 and this reminder was a birthday gift to myself as I continue to work on my golden path.
Thank you


In re-reading this today I am reminded how excellent your site is and the knowledge you share. However I have one comment to make concerning the interpretation being given as the liberator being feminine. Surely instead of ‘her’ you should be using ‘their’ so as not to show sexual bias?


Thank you so much for this amazing work. I am a MG 5/1 LAngle Cross of Wishes and have visited your site for insight and inspiration as well as shared your site with others. Introduced to your work by Jerasimos and Joel. My life was derailed this past year since moving out of CA to FL. Getting stronger and your work has def helped me. Again thanks!