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"Only true understanding can bring peace along with it because true understanding lies outside the domain of the mind."


Who is this Archetype?

The Philosopher loves to play, research, and serve this world with his understanding. Through seeing all sides of any mental construct, this archetype can sweep aside the possibility of intolerance and use his gifts to create new roles or systems to bring positive change into the world.

The Philosopher comes up with answers to the questions the Detective (63) raises. He loves testing out and verifying concepts and patterns. Even when he gets to an answer, the inquiry continues. The solutions he comes up with are often merely possibilities that can be proven over time.

The Philosopher has learnt to not take his mind too seriously. He is not overly fixated about the worth of solutions. Happiness and peacefulness never come through answers. It comes only when we are so tired of answers, we just decide to live the questions fully.

Much like the Inventor (24), the Philosopher has gone beyond the mind’s limitations by understanding existence through the totality of who he is, including his body, emotions, and senses. True understanding is of the whole being and lies outside of the domain of the brain.

The Philosopher finds the most important answers in his own heart. This is also what connects him to the mystery school and initiation of the Seven Sacred Seals, where the Siddhi of Forgiveness codes for the Fifth Seal. The 5th Seal heals the 5th line Core Wound of Guilt.

The 5th line filters the wound through the theme of power. It creates complexity and doesn’t allow people to have peaceful relationships. People with this Core Wound feel an enormous pressure from others to be a certain way. Whether they compromise their own truth to be someone they are not, or whether they react by being the opposite, they end up feeling like victims. This creates dynamics of resentment and power struggles, where the 5th line manipulates others through guilt, often without even realizing it.

The Philosopher knows that all humans are driven by unconscious core wound patterns, and that we can’t work out our relationships at a mental level. He role models how to leave room for vulnerability, forgiveness and letting go. As we learn to forgive others, we are really forgiving aspects of our greater self. When we stop holding onto guilt and resentments there is suddenly room for love and joy. In the old IChing we call this archetype the Youthful Folly.

Together with the Water Goddess (29), the Playmate (59), and the Alpha (7), the Philosopher is here to change the way people relate to each other, bringing in more devotion, intimacy, transparency, guidance, understanding and forgiveness into all relationships.

The Philosopher has an intimate relationship with the more emotional Revolutionary (49). They have both worked through the lower frequencies of intolerance, reaction, codependency, and doubt of self and other so that they can stand sovereign in their own core stability and trust the relationship fully. Through their union, we see a beautiful example of the coming rebirth of relationships into a higher frequency.



Explanation, Formalization, Answers


Internal Motivator:

Need to Understand


Positive Attributes:

Provides solutions

Has an inexhaustible mind

Provides deeper understanding of things


Achilles Heel:

Relies more on the left than the right brain

Has a mind that doesn’t want to rest

Avoids chaos

I Ching:

Youthful Folly

Mountain over Water



Quarter of Duality

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Relationships



Leo - Fixed Fire



Prefrontal Cortex


Codon Ring:

Ring of Union (4, 7, 29, 59)

Amino Acid: Valine

Physiology: Diaphragm


The final destiny of the Philosopher is to rupture the connection between the past and the future, between the black and the white, between the yin and the yang — to finally bring an end to the logical fabric of spacetime itself.


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"Forgiveness is born out of understanding, but it occurs when a being makes a leap beyond understanding."
- The Philosopher

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EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Hexagram 4

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Victim Pattern:

Victim of Need for Answers



Repressive Nature:


An apathetic mind is a collapsed mind that is no longer bright or intelligent but has given up on understanding anything and sunk into a kind of mental lethargy. You believe you are less intelligent than others, when in fact you are really paralyzed by an unconscious fear. Your fear is that they will have to assume responsibility for yourself, your decisions and your actions. Instead you choose to have no opinions about anything. You can pretend to be quite enlightened and very open, but there is a vital energy lacking inside them. Thus you can have problems in motivation as well as with your health.

Reactive Nature:


Thinking rules your life. You project out your eternal need for answers to questions, and do so in the belief that these answers will bring you a sense of security. When you discover that this is not so, you become angry and blame someone—often the person or system that you supposed would give you all the answers. You cannot let go of your need for some feeling of resolution, so you make someone else’s mind the authority for bringing about this feeling only to be endlessly disappointed. You hone in on the most irrelevant details, unconsciously looking for a vent for your frustration. When you find such a detail, it affords you the opportunity to criticize or complain and thus release some of the pent up anger and tension.



The Folly of Youth

“Mental assuredness cannot make the body feel safe.”



Quantum Koans

“True understanding lies outside the realm of the mind.”



Merciless Forgiveness

"Forgiveness is the thunderbolt that is released when a being attains Christ Consciousness.”


Archetype 4: The Philosopher


"Forgiveness represents an involving force rather than an evolving force because it literally comes from the future towards the past."

- The Philosopher


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"When all is forgiven, then forgiveness itself no longer exists, only Truth."
- The Philosopher

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Harmonic Gate: The Detective (63)
Programming Partner: The Revolutionary (49)
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Dennis Battler

Love this! … PERFECT timing, at this moment contemplating sphere of evolution GK 22.2 within the activation sequence deep dive. During the Lion’s Gate. Supreme Divine timing. Resonates deeper than words allow.

Explaining precisely (GK 62 twice in my profile) my drive… now I feel understood. Curiously 4/63 are not in my profile. First door I’ve explored, opened, following a day and evening contemplating and exploring evolution/ 22.2 and purpose GK 47.2 and the pathway of challenge. Hearing sphere of evolution is the key to understanding all the GK/ and profile spurred a closer look.

?? with gratitude


Thank you for these readings. I am new to human design but it resignates with my inner being.
I find your transcripts easy to read and really useful and full of information thank you.