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"Only true understanding can bring peace along with it because true understanding lies outside the domain of the mind."


Who is this Archetype?

The Philosopher will always have questions to resolve. He loves to come up with answers to the questions the Detective (63) raises. The Philosopher likes to test out and verify concepts. Once the Philosopher understands something, it is always replaced with another question, and so the process goes on. The solutions he comes up with are merely possibilities that need to be proven over time. 


It can look like the Philosopher attempts to solve anything, anytime, anyhow, any way. He may even find solutions to problems that don’t even exist! This archetype actually loves having problems to solve and expanding his and others’ understanding


The Philosopher has learnt to not take his own mind with too much seriousness. He shows us how to not get overly fixated about the worth of solutions. Happiness never comes through answers. It comes only when we are so tired of answers, we just decide to live the questions fully. The Philosopher knows how to play, research, communicate and serve this world with his intelligence. Through seeing all sides of any mental construct, this archetype can sweep aside the possibility of intolerance and use his gifts to create new roles or systems to bring positive change into the world.


The highest expression of the Philosopher is forgiveness. Forgiveness is born out of understanding, but it occurs when this archetype makes a leap beyond understanding.  As Richard Rudd says: pure forgiveness is a universal panacea that radiates in every direction throughout time and space. It is the final answer to end all questions, and when the first atoms of forgiveness finally travel back to the very beginning of time, as they already have, the world we know will begin to dissolve. When all is forgiven, then forgiveness itself no longer exists, only Truth.



Explanation, Formalization, Answers



Prefrontal Cortex



Leo - Fixed Fire


Internal Motivator:

Need to Understand


Positive Attributes:

Solution Provider

Inexhaustible Mind


Achilles Heel:

Fear of Chaos


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Need for Answers

Dilemma: Reasons


Repressive Nature:


An apathetic mind is a collapsed mind that is no longer bright or intelligent but has given up on understanding anything and sunk into a kind of mental lethargy. You believe you are less intelligent than others, when in fact you are really paralyzed by an unconscious fear. Your fear is that they will have to assume responsibility for yourself, your decisions and your actions. Instead you choose to have no opinions about anything. You can pretend to be quite enlightened and very open, but there is a vital energy lacking inside them. Thus you can have problems in motivation as well as with your health.

From the Gene Keys

Reactive Nature:


Thinking rules your life. You project out your eternal need for answers to questions, and do so in the belief that these answers will bring you a sense of security. When you discover that this is not so, you become angry and blame someone—often the person or system that you supposed would give you all the answers. You cannot let go of your need for some feeling of resolution, so you make someone else’s mind the authority for bringing about this feeling only to be endlessly disappointed. You hone in on the most irrelevant details, unconsciously looking for a vent for your frustration. When you find such a detail, it affords you the opportunity to criticize or complain and thus release some of the pent up anger and tension. 

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

 Do you often feel the mental pressure to understand things? 

Do you tend to overthink or become paralyzed with indecision?  

In what situations do you find yourself intolerant of others?

Are you the person others come for insight, to work through what’s going on in their lives?

Do you ever feel caught in the middle?

What happens when you don’t understand something? Someone? Something?

Do you have a desire, a need to be right?

Where are you able to let things go? Where and with whom can you let things go?

When you feel chaos in relationships, what do you do?

 Can you forgive yourself and others without closing your heart? 

When do you feel truly peaceful? 

What does true forgiveness mean to you? 


The final destiny of the Philosopher is to rupture the connection between the past and the future, between the black and the white, between the yin and the yang — to finally bring an end to the logical fabric of spacetime itself.


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"Forgiveness is born out of understanding, but it occurs when a being makes a leap beyond understanding."
- The Philosopher

Gene Key Title: A Universal Pancea

Intolerance - Understanding - Forgiveness

Victim of Need for Answers


Shadow: The Folly of Youth

“Mental assuredness cannot make the body feel safe.”


Gift: Quantum Koans (Understanding)

“True understanding lies outside the realm of the mind.”


Siddhi: Merciless Forgiveness (Forgiveness)

"Forgiveness is the thunderbolt that is released when a being attains Christ Consciousness.”


Gene Key

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"Forgiveness represents an involving force rather than an evolving force because it literally comes from the future towards the past."

- The Philosopher

Philosopher Attunements

iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Keeping Still Mountain (14:29)

Abysmal Water (14:41)

Gene Key 4 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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"When all is forgiven, then forgiveness itself no longer exists, only Truth."
- The Philosopher

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