"Light Work" by Autumn Skye Art


"As the universe awakens, the interference is gradually cleared, and the synarchy that lies beneath emerges."

The Gridworker


Who is this Archetype?

The Gridworker's mission is to create a grid of beings who work together and weed out the corruption all around the world. The awakening of her core human fractal represents the activation of a previously dormant code within the overall program. As the core fractal is activated, it removes the virus that is wound around its genetic lineage.


The Gridworker has an instinctive memory where past experiences are held within the cellular memory of the body. She uses this to sense what is going on at any moment. The Gridworker is designed to operate out of an instinctive alertness based on successes and failures in the past.


With intuitive awareness of whether the past is worth repeating or not, the Gridworker  knows when history is about to repeat itself.  Not only does she know where humanity is going if we keep repeating the same patterns and expect things to change for the better, she also senses where we are off course and how we can center back into balance and synarchy through true teamwork.


The Gridworker has an instinct for knowing how to present anything so that the message is recognized. She is spontaneously affectionate and creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel in natural flow and co-creation. Her energy naturally makes things feel right, and she radiates beauty.


The Gridworker’s genius is to read others and can literally smell the truth. She feels if the other is in alignment with her own soul fractal. With instinctive knowledge of the capabilities of others through sensing the gifts, skills and potentials that add to the different parts of synarchy, the Gridworker protects herself and her allies in their important and sometimes dangerous work and quest for a world in harmony and equilibrium.



Synarchy, Synergy, Smell



Scorpio - Fixed Water



Heaven over Wind

Coming to Meet



Nose/Immune System



Quarter of Duality

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Relationships


Internal Motivator:

Connection and Teamwork

"I recognize my soul fractal and our mission in the world"


Positive Attributes:





Achilles Heel:

Learns to discern based on past “failures”


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Isolation

Dilemma: Hierarchy


Repressive Nature:


You have a fear-based response to your early experiences in childhood, and it infects all your relationships. You may have had just one single disastrous relationship and then shut down out of fear of the same thing happening again. Although you may not show that on the surface, this fear causes you to unconsciously distrust all relationships. You may find yourself working and living with others, but at a subtle level you keep them at arm’s length. You feel haunted by your own past and rigidly defend yourself from ever experiencing love or pain again.

From the Gene Keys

 Reactive Nature:


You keep making the same mistakes in relationships. Your instinct constantly misfires. Accordingly, you align yourself with those who really don’t respect you, who turn against you, or who, in business, are a drain on resources and are often just plain incompetent. You may keep breaking ties with certain people only to rediscover a similar pattern with the next person. What happens here is that your instinct cannot operate outside its own fractal, so you make alliances that are fraught with difficulties.

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

Are you trusting your instinct?

Do you feel that you can read people?

Do you sense when others are from your soul fractal?  What does that feel like?

Are you sensitive to smells? How does that play out in your life and relationships?

What are your relationship patterns?

Have you been circling around the same relationships and relationship patterns since you were a child? Have your relationships and relationship patterns evolved over time?

Do you keep running similar unhealthy relational patterns and dynamics even when you know what changes rebalance?

What old relationships are interfering most with your new ones?

Have you ever had a disastrous relationship? How did that affect you? What did you feel about yourself? Others? What did you do after that relationship ended? Did that relationship color your next relationships? Is it still? Did you evolve from that pattern or are you still replaying? Have you had the courage to try again?

Who are your true allies? How do you know?

Are your alliances fraught with difficulties or do they flow?

How do the people closest to you lift you up or drain you?

Who do you trust? Who don’t you trust?

How would you describe synarchy?

When have you experienced teamwork? Did working on the team(s) feel healthy? Did you feel like you were working with your people?

Did the team(s) operate at the vibration of synarcy? What did it feel like?

Are you able to see when patterns are repeating? Do you instinctively know what changes will create balance?

Are you known as the host/hostess that creates events that everyone loves to attend?

Do you create beauty in your life?

Do you feel like your finger is on the pulse of what’s going on?

Do you feel your purpose in life is fulfilled through relationships?


"Those closest to you really hold the secret to your destiny and your higher life purpose."
-The Gridworker


"As the universe awakens, the interference is gradually cleared, and the synarchy that lies beneath emerges."
-The Gridworker


"You have to be able to smell someone in order to read their true nature."
- The Gridworker

Gene Key Title: Karmic Relationships

Interference - Teamwork - Synarchy

Victim of Isolation


Shadow: Human Fractals (Interference)

“Interference patterns that are transferred through your DNA must be resolved in order for a fractal to be “cleaned.”


Gift: Bodies and Bloodlines (Teamwork)

“These are the people whose genius is to read other people.”


Siddhi: The Coming of Queendom (Synarchy)

“As the universe awakens, the interference is gradually cleared and the synarchy that lies beneath emerges.”

Gene Key

Discover the 44th Gene Key from its original source.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

Parallel Interpretation

Read Bella's contemplation on the connection between 44, 57 and 1 in her blueprint.

Hologenetic Geometry through the magic of Gene Key 44.


Learn more about Simone Gers


"The gift of teamwork is about recognizing who belongs in your life."
- The Gridworker

Gridworker Attunements

Gene Key 44 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Heaven (14:14)

Gentle Wind (14:23)


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"Teamwork means drawing in the right groups of people in life and working with healthy group dynamics."
- The Gridworker



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44 is my radiance…thank you for all the info on this gene key. The awakening can happen any day now. :)…cheers to all…