Artwork courtesy of Ines Honfi
See more of her work at
Artwork courtesy of Ines Honfi See more of her work at


"Only ecstasy can silence the mind, only ecstasy can solve the problems of the world, only ecstasy can lead to world peace and universal love."

The Sensual


Who is this Archetype?

This archetype represents the love of the body. It’s an amazing gift to experience existence through the senses of the physical body. The mind may have its judgment about the form; that the body will age, get sick, and even die at one point, but these perceptions of the mind do not shadow the inherent delight of the Sensual. Her delight is the sense of freedom that emerges from her appreciation of the richness of being alive on this Earth.


This archetype is sensuous, earthy, and intuitive. The Sensual is deeply connected with the wind and the waters of Earth. She perceives life through her senses and is wholeheartedly committed to the experience of embodiment and love. She is mysteriously attractive on a deeply physical level, as though life itself is somehow amplified within her.


The Sensual expresses what is alive in the moment. Her expression isn’t logical, but abstract, energetic, and feminine. At the same time, she loves the responsibilities that give life meaning. She knows that the body is the vehicle of the Soul. The experience of the nature of herself in interaction with the world is a spiritual process that she can only really evaluate when the cycle is complete.


The Sensual doesn’t care about what others call failure or success. She loves the perfection of every experience, and she doesn’t escape any feeling. She follows her bliss which takes continuous leaps of courage. This is not the same as simply following her pleasure. Instead, bliss is rooted in a deep transcendence of her suffering. Ecstasy is not an extreme state of joy. It contains as much grief as it contains joy. It includes aloneness and intimacy, doubt and hope, mortality and eternity. To her, ecstasy is the result of sadness and joy making love inside of her.


The Sensual has a close relationship to the archetype of Love (25). It’s especially through the shocks and difficulties of life that we get initiated to live at a higher frequency. Both the Sensual and the Love archetype embody a deep innocence that isn’t tainted no matter what they have to face. Their love of life and of others is pure and unconditional.


The Sensual is the queen of ecstasy and of the honoring of the flesh as her temple. She feels everything from the whisper and the feather to the heat of the blood and movement of passionate lovemaking. This is also why she loves spending time with the Fire Starter (30). For both of them, everything is continual discovery and integration.


The sensual also has a close relationship to the Water Goddess (29). To these three archetypes, nothing really matters but life and love, as they create the powerful trinity of Embodiment, Devotion and Rapture. They know how to relax deep into the body and allow the orgasmic life force to make love to and through them. The wisdom they share is derived from the determination, dedication, and surrender to every experience as they are living it.


The Sensual believes in the magic of trusting in our natural responses to take her through life in the perfect timing. She will intuitively be at the right place at the right time, living the very definition of the word serendipity—accidentally discovering something valuable or fortunate, even when she is looking for something else. Fortune loves her. The Sensual has no agenda, and she allows surprises to take her exactly where she needs to go, at the right time. Luck is what happens when we stop interfering with life.

Artwork by courtesy Ines Honfi
See more of her work at


Flesh, Embodiment, Sensuality



Internal Motivator:

Pleasure is a birthright


edebart_ineshonfi 2

Positive Attributes:

Deeply embodied

Ready to experience

Ability to be in the right place at the right time


Achilles Heel:

Can be judged for loving physical pleasures

Can feel alone in a world where people aren’t deeply embodied




Pushing Upward

Earth over Wind



Quarter of Duality

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Relationships



Virgo - Mutable Earth

Libra - Cardinal Air

blood background


Blood (Glutamine)


Codon Ring:

Ring of Matter (18, 46, 48, 57)

Amino Acid (Alanine)

Physiology: Blood


"Delight is the sense of freedom that emerges from an appreciation of the richness of being alive."
- The Sensual


Artwork by courtesy Ines Honfi See more of her work at
Artwork by courtesy Ines Honfi
See more of her work at


"Luck is what happens when you stop interfering with life."
- The Sensual

Human Design Harmonic Gate

Artwork by Lindsey Foy

Gene Keys Programming Partner

chalice of love blood

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 46th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of Over-Seriousness



Repressive Nature:


Frigidity here is used not so much in the sexual sense, but in a much broader context to describe the freezing of one’s sensuality. You hide from life out of fear of your own body. If you do not like your body your vital energy turns sour. You lose touch with the juiciness of life. This is reflected in your lifestyle, clothes and particularly in your face, which manifest their fear through a permanently pinched expression.

Reactive Nature:


You pretend to really enjoy life, and from the outside, you appear to take nothing seriously. However, under the surface, you are, in fact, highly emotionally reactive and harbor a huge amount of anger. This anger will explode sooner or later because you have an investment in being seen as light-hearted, laid back and jovial. When the façade is broken, usually when someone is honest with you, you reveal how deadly seriously you actually take life. You run away from the truth, and you probably reflect this in your relationships, which are generally short-lived and numerous.



The Rainmaker

"Living without knowledge or memory of the love of the higher planes means that you can only take life too seriously."



The Ring of No Matter

“Luck is what happens when you stop interfering with life.”



The Orgasmic Inner World

“Only ecstasy can silence the mind, only ecstasy can solve the problems of the world, only ecstasy can lead the world to peace and universal love.”



Christian Wood

And Then There Was You

Listen to an original composition by Christian Wood


"When we become truly playful, we reshape the nature of our collective reality."
- The Sensual
Artwork by courtesy Ines Honfi
See more of her work at

Embody the Sensual

We Bridge the Gap between Theory & Embodiment

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Human Design Circuitry & Mechanics

Gene Keys Living Transmission

Rave Mandala Explorations

I-Ching Elemental Wisdom

Astrology & Transits

Codon Rings & Physiology

Embodiment Practice


Workbook to guide your explorations

Opportunity for sharing through our Academy Discussion Portal

Let the Sensual teach you how to embody her gifts and wisdom.

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"The heart doesn’t care a tick about success or failure, past or future, life or death. It knows only that it is alive and beating right now, and that realization floods the being with the sweet, liquid wine of ecstasy."
- The Sensual

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Embody the Archetype: Explore, Flow, Play, Share, Lead, Envision.

Harmonic Gate: The Water Goddess (29)
Programming Partner: Love (25)
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Thank you for such helpful information! I love looking at the gates/keys through the lens of archetypes!