"It is a most delightful and infuriating paradox that wisdom arrives through not knowing rather than through knowing."



Who is this Archetype?

The Librarian is born with wisdom so natural that she rarely sees it herself until someone comes and drinks from her well of sagacity. This archetype has a potent awareness rooted in deep instinctual memory that gives her the depth to bring logical, real and workable solutions to the problems of the collective.


In everyday life, her focus is in the library, a sanctuary she has created and where she knows the essence and depth of all the books. Her way of organizing these works of art allows people to tap into a great source of knowledge and wisdom created over many centuries by a wide range of authors and philosophers.


The Librarian has great taste both visually and literally. If she wasn’t a Librarian, she would probably have become a sommelier or a french pastry baker. She has an intuitive understanding of beauty and design that she has also used to make the environment of the library extraordinarily welcoming and charming.


The Librarian explores the depths of different areas of life to find personal well-being solutions for the whole. She naturally reads, researches, and inquires to expand her repertoire and keep things fresh. The Librarian’s continued explorations give her great awareness and perspective and make her extremely resourceful. People come to her to ask for advice about books and about life. They all want to draw from her wealth of studied knowledge and tap into her well.


The Librarian has a close relationship to the Enthusiast (16). They work on the same wavelength and together they can come up with a solution to any problem. While the Enthusiast brings versatility and the motivation to experiment until extraordinary talent is developed, the Librarian brings depth and ingenuity to any exploration. Through their work, they have the capacity to break through the frequencies of fear and indifference and open up for personal and collective health and prosperity.


The Librarian faces all kinds of fears and one of her greatest fears has been that of not knowing the subject well enough when someone asks her. She has to overcome the fear that she will never know enough or will always be inadequate. Over time, she can learn to trust her inner authority and live in the moment instead of always being over-prepared. The Librarian needs to trust the Divine Order and learn that she will always be perfectly prepared when the aligned opportunities arise.


The Librarian knows there is nothing wiser in all of humanity than the physical body. Everything begins with the body and ends with the body. Wisdom is rooted in the complete trust of the physical vehicle. When every feeling and sensation is allowed and lived out fully and in trust, the deep inner vibration of human and ancestral fear eventually fizzles out.


Firmly rooted in the feminine, the Librarian says yes to the form principle and all the experiences the body will allow her to have. Her wholehearted trust of the physical temple is so deep that she sometimes doesn’t recognize the difference between ecstatic pleasure and excruciating pain. For her all the body's sensations are valuable and allow her to move deeper into the wisdom of life.


The Librarian is intimately related to the Manager (21) and through their relationship the Librarian has learnt about self-worth and putting herself first. The Manager has a strong and healthy sense of self and uses this to move with authority and valor through the world. He is amazed by the soft and yielding yin qualities in his partner. She brings him peace and nurturing, receiving him every night after a long day of managing various high responsibility projects for the Goodwill (45) archetype. 


The Librarian and the Manager embody the qualities of yin and yang. Whereas the Librarian feels deep into the form and taps into the source of life and existence, the Manager uses his energy, ideas, and direction to penetrate the world and build outer empires. The essence of valor is found in the symbol of the male pole surrendering to the female pole. The Manager surrenders his control to trust the Librarian fully without reservations. The surrender of the male into the female creates a reversal of roles and poles and the results in Sacred Union. It's through this divine marriage that the male pole is truly empowered through its opposite. This is the power of true love where nothing is held back.



Taste, Solutions, Depth


Internal Motivator:

There is always more and deeper


Positive Attributes:

Keeps things fresh by never ceasing to explore

Receives others in her sanctuary

Always ready to go deep


Achilles Heel:

Tendency to always find another rabbit hole to go down

Has to stop comparing herself to others

Has to come back to the body as compass



The Well

Water over Wind

quarter of duality


Quarter of Duality

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Relationships



Libra - Cardinal Air



Bone Marrow (Valine)


Codon Ring:

Ring of Matter (18, 46, 48, 57)

Amino Acid (Alanine)

Physiology: Spleen



"Instead of hiding from the darkness inside you, it is as though you finally lower a bucket down the well and then pull it up to see what it contains. What you receive is a wonderful surprise. Out of the well come all manner of solutions to all manner of challenges in the world around you. You will be amazed that so much light can emerge from such a dark place. This is the essence of the Gift of Resourcefulness."
- The 48th Gene Key




"In serving the whole, you serve yourself in the most efficient way possible."
- The Librarian

Human Design Harmonic Gate

Artwork by Lindsey Foy

Gene Keys Programming Partner


Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 48th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of Inadequacy


Not Knowing

Repressive Nature:


Your fears are buried beneath the surface by whatever the system tells them. You are too afraid to look into the fear within your body, so you settle into the fixed patterns given to it by society. You tend to bury your head even deeper in the sand every time life pushes you to face your fears.

Reactive Nature:


Your rage does not allow you to admit that you are afraid, so you become a victim of the system. You use your knowledge to manipulate the fears of others while hiding behind the system. You keep your own fear at bay by externalizing it, and you increase the general level of fear by your unscrupulous actions.



The Wonder of Uncertainty

“If we don't know how to handle emotional states with equanimity, integrity and clarity, we never fully enter adulthood, but remain at some level children.”



The Light at the Bottom of the Well

“It is through your unknowing that the pearl will be delivered to you, so you must neither repress nor react to your fear; you must simply sit with it.”



“The Beyondness of Being and Not Being”

“You are wise because you know you are wise, you are powerful because you do not care about power, you are fearless because you do not really exist.”



Learn more about Simone
Learn more about Sonia


"As you learn to trust life on a broader scale, the well begins to reveal some of its secrets."
- The Librarian

Embody the Librarian

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I-Ching Elemental Wisdom

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Codon Rings & Physiology

Embodiment Practice


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"One who is truly wise is like water in all these ways—you are wise because you do not know you are wise, you are powerful because you do not care about power, you are fearless because you do not really exist."
- The Libarian

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“This is the mudra of wisdom – the beautiful crucible of your physical body.  Soften your face, soften your knees, relax, breathe … and allow it to well up” (RR)


The Librarian (48) Digital Course !

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Harmonic Gate: The Enthusiast (16)
Programming Partner: The Manager (21)
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cheryle pearce

Interesting. It can be easy to hide from what is in our heart and avoid feeling emotions but you can never hide from what your body is saying. It may be ignored or suppressed to a certain extent but it will rise up with a louder voice. This 48 resonated with me more than my cross; you could say, the backdoor into truth. I have always felt the depth within me which was scary, having a troubled childhood. I have the 48 in Neptune both P and D and zodiac of Libra (balancing). I write short stories sometimes and the… Read more »