"The more you are able to settle into a deep trust and patience with the rhythm of your own life, the more your heart will open and the softer and more yielding you will become in your attitude to everything and everyone that comes your way."

The Rhythmic


Who is this Archetype?

The Rhythmic experiences rhythm deeply, like the natural pulse in his cells, in his DNA, and enjoys fixed rhythms and tempos, experiences them like heartbeats and breaths. The Rhythmic  finds great satisfaction in mundane rituals and routines that attune him to the vibrations of all life. He stays true to his own inner rhythms in order to stay vital, healthy and always in his flow. For the Rhythmic, even intimacy and work has a pattern, consistency, and rhythm.


The Rhythmic fixes the pattern of all life, holding all creatures and humans together in a wider universal rhythm, creating resonance through his heart and breath, and naturally adjusts the tempo the timbre, so the rhythm is always harmonized and not forced. Out of this archetype emerges a deep sense of security that comes as a result of everything following a universal flow.


The Rhythmic is intimately connected to the Wildwoman (15), who encourages him to stretch and grow though he can be uncomfortable when she disrupts his routine. He, in turn, helps the Wildwoman to not fall into unhealthy extremes. The Rhythmic also has a close relationship to the Heroine (35), and she impacts him similarly to the Wildwoman. The Heroine lives a life rich in experience, always ready and hungry to try something new. She samples many different things in life in order to learn from them. Her deepest talent is for adventure and that is not exactly how the Rhythmic lives his life . Being forced to deviate from his natural rhythms can be physically, mentally and emotionally destabilizing for The Rhythmic. Understanding and appreciating what each brings to the flow helps him embrace and transcend challenges.


For the Rhythmic, waiting isn't stopping; instead, it's an active state, much like being pregnant. Waiting is a part of his nature—he honors it and relaxes into the flow of life. He trusts his innate sense of timing, sets his intentions and long term goals, then falls back on the reassuring confidence that everything will proceed in its own time. The Rhythmic knows that nothing happens by accident or without a potential gift. Knowing this, the rhythm of patience is natural to him.



Fixed Patterns, Ritual, Breath of Life



Sagittarius - Mutable Fire




Water over Heaven



Parietal Cortex



Quarter of Mutation

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation


Internal Motivator:

"Everything happens in perfect timing."


Positive Attributes:

Trusts life




Achilles Heel:

Can feel uncomfortable when his fixed rhythms are disrupted



Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Impatience

Dilemma: Surrender


Repressive Nature:


When impatience drives a person to give up on life, it manifests as pessimism. Pessimism is nothing but the vestige of a complete loss of rhythm in your life. It is an expression of a deep-seated fear that nothing can or will ever get better. Pessimism pulls you into a downward spiral, feeding on itself over and over until it finally ends in crisis or some kind of psychological and/or nervous collapse. If you have been swept into pessimism there is nothing proactive you can do to break free. 

From the Gene Keys

 Reactive Nature:


You are constantly trying to force life’s flow. You push others around, becoming tetchy and aggravated, and can suddenly lash out for no apparent reason. You also tend to manifest very inharmonious situations where natural timing is out of synchronization and nothing seems easy, as though life were deliberately blocking one’s path. Even so, you stubbornly push on, making the situation worse and worse until something or someone has to snap in order to release the pressure.

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

Do you have a daily rhythm?

Do you need a consistent routine to feel normal? How does the rhythm of a consistent routine affect you? Does it open you up? Shut you down?

What daily ritual can you start today to honor your desire for healthy routines?  

How do you experience time? The timing of your day? Do you need control of the timing of your day? How does it affect you if someone else controls the timing of your day?

How does it affect  you that your partner or family members want to do the same thing every night?

Where in your life—and with whom—are you feeling most impatient?

What sparks impatience in you?

 What can you do to shake things up? 

What do you need to do each day to honor yourself? Your loved ones?

Are you getting enough time outside?

Do you look forward to the new day? Or do you dread it?

When have you felt trapped or propelled?

When does your compulsion to help create more challenge than ease?

When in your life have you experienced being in sync? When synchronicities abounded?

When have you felt like a day late and a dollar short? When nothing seems to be working out for you?

What do you need to do to reconnect with the natural world?

When do you make yourself or others wrong?

How are you patient or impatient with yourself? What could you do, believe, to be more patient with yourself?

When has your intuition about divine timing created magic in your life?

How do you experience open heartedness? Wholeheartedness?

Is it easier to be open and wholehearted with others? Self? Are both easy? Natural?

How do you know when your vibration is high? What happens? What does it feel like?

Can you fully trust in life’s perfect timing and that nothing happens accidentally?

Exploring the Archetype

"Containing all the codes and patterns of life, the Rhythmic represents the great digital library of consciousness in form."



Free Resources

"When you wait and allow life to reveal its natural rhythms, you also come to realize that life knows best. "
-The Rhythmic

Gene Key Title: The Ending of Time

Impatience - Patience - Timelessness

Victim of Impatience


Shadow: The New Genetic Code (Impatience)

“When you find yourself moving through a difficult period it means that all life is moving through a difficult period."


Gift: The Library of Light (Patience)

“It is patience that has always been the true gauge and measure of the greatness of a person’s soul."


Siddhi: Hitting the Speed of Being (Timelessness)

“It is only when your frequency hits the speed of light that time finally dissolves and pure being is experienced."

Gene Key

Discover the 5th Gene Key from its original source.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

Codon Ring of Light

Weaving Astrology with Tan

This video applies to you if you have any planets or points (ascendant/midheaven/north node) in the sign of SAGITTARIUS 11'22 - 17'00.

Or if you have Gene Keys 5 or Human Design Gate 5 active in your chart.



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"Everything is always exactly as it should be."
- The Rhythmic

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"The more you open yourself to higher frequencies of light, the more heightened the vibration becomes within your cellular DNA."
-The Rhythmic

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Gene Key 5 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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Abysmal Water (14:41)

Heaven (14:14)


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"Hindsight shows you repeatedly that life is constructed of beautiful and perfect patterns woven into wonderful tapestries, and your individual life follows such cosmic patterns."
-The Rhythmic


5th Gene Key Artwork by Jane Adams

Siddhi of timelessness through an hourglass. Join thumbs and pinkies and fold the other fingers in. Similar to 35th Mudra.


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Harmonic Gate: The Wild Woman (15)
Programming Partner: The Heroine (35)

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