a co-creation by Timothy Brainard and Ashley Nichole


call to adventure

The Invitation

This is your invitation to discover the hero that lies within your own heart. Only you can save yourself from your own suffering. Only you can rescue yourself. The adventure is an inward one that brings you into your own heart to recognize that love within you so that you may soften and be open to the life outside of you.

The deep discomfort and forceful initiation we sometimes experience can be considered the shadow expression. This doesn't mean it is wrong. The shock was always for us and it has its place and time in our lives.  We cannot predict when lightning strikes or when the earth quakes. But these shocks come from a build up of tension within. When we are numb or ignore this build up of pressure it is released into our life to wake us up. When you ignore your intuition and what is building up inside, it becomes louder.  Sometimes we request and call forth these shocking and forceful awakenings to ourselves when our slumber is far too deep to be gently awakened from.

With mindfulness and intention we can awaken ourselves from the dream and begin to orient ourselves back to the love within.

It's calling us deeper inward and calling us to meet ourselves anew. It calls us to grow roots into that soft space of the heart so we can develop new eyes facing outward to take in the world.

The most ultimate initiation softens us to our world. It doesn't make us harsh and uncomfortable it makes us accessible, receptive and sensitive.

The Initiation

The Gift of Initiative can only occur after we ave been initiated into that inner space of our heart.

So this is your call to action. This is your call to adventure. This is your invitation to your heart in hopes that it will initiate you into the arms of love and give you a renewed sense of initiative in your life.

Instead of waiting for something to shock you back into your heart (which also has the possibility to callous and numb you) we are reverse engineering this pathway and beginning where most people end their journey.

This is a gentler and softer approach to awakening. You are in complete control of your initiation. It is your choice to return to your heart. To return to love (the 25th archetype) and use this energy as your initiator. Are you ready to venture into the wilderness of the deep self? Can you let love awaken you.


Initiative is a feeling forward into action. It is not a taking initiative. It is a being taken forward. It is a being taken forward by something greater than our own choice-full decision making and hard effort.


Step 1:

We invite you to soften into the eyes of your heart through your own interaction with every day things.


Expanded Example:

PAUSE, then ...

Watch the steam rising from your cup of coffee/tea, smell it, feel the warmth of the cup in your hands and breath the moist steam into your nose. Connect to your senses and bring yourself into the present to experience this cup of coffee deeply and entirely. Breath the whole experience into your lungs and into your diaphragm to signal your body to relax and soften. Slow down enough to let your whole body relax.

This is an invitation to slow down and pause for long enough to touch something near you with the eyes of your heart. Feel into its poetic significance.

Once you have seen the romantic essence of something familiar and available move on the step 2.


Alternative Examples:

Look out the window and take a deep slow breath into the vision of the sunrise

Breath into the sound of rainfall

Step 2:

Once you have seen with the eyes of your heart. Feel forward into whether or not that particular beauty that you are noticing is igniting any kind of an impulse within you.

adventure do

If you feel inward, do you recognize an impulse to do, act or create? What does the recognition of that beauty ignite in you?

Then  follow that impulse and allow yourself to be drawn forward into some creative action/activity.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 4.06.55 PM

If there is no impulse then stay and remain with that beauty and soak it in.

Trust that whatever it is you are being called to is correct and perfect for you no matter how simple or elaborate.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 4.20.34 PM

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Wow, I just did this “challenge” and gosh it brought me to tears… Of recognition. Of feeling seen. Of relaxation. Of the natural obvious approach to playing with this energy of initiative and “shock” that the 51 brings. I have it in my conscious moon, 51.5. And I see it jumps into my reality every now and then. Such genius to start with love and move from there into initating… And softly let that initiating bring whatever it brings – action or not. For me this time it brought a period of deeply reconnecting with the beauty of one of… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Anna
Unlock Your Design

wow, thank you for sharing!I believe Timothy Brainard was the one who wrote this one. He is amazing.


Anna, this is also my conscious moon. Line 6 for me. This felt so powerful to read. Thank you!

Tracey Cochrane

Thank you this is perfectly worded i indersyand and recognise it all thanks looking forward to reading more