"I effervesce with life —  I tease and tickle your spirit — I cannot be understood or encapsulated by any form of logic."


Who is this Archetype?

In this archetype we find a voice that saysI believe. Whatever role she chooses to play for the day, she does it wholeheartedlyshe literally becomes the character in flesh and bone. The Comedian transforms visualization into language, into presence. 

More than an actress, she is a true storyteller. Her stories revolve around her infinite adventures on the road. The Comedian loves discovering new things and broadening her horizons. She is hungry for new experiences that add to her life story and the different characters she seamlessly embodies. The journey, with all it’s people, places, experiences becomes part of the story as is a transformational process.

The Comedian loves to use her own past experiences to illustrate a concept, stimulate others or make a point. She is most interested in getting an emotional reaction from the listener. When embodying a story the Comedian she is completely immersed reiterating the story and everything else fades away. Her presence is like breath, creating a resonant field that grounds the experience for everyone.

She may exaggerate a tad or put some extra color or drama to the happenings. She simulates others into discovering something more about life, a desire for their own journeys with and through presence. The Comedian is not interested in proof, fact, logic or detail like the Scientist (archetype 62) or the Detective (archetype 63). It’s the experience, the engagement, the wholeheartedness, the presence.

The Comedian has learnt to balance fun with seriousness. She doesn’t get stuck in distractions and is good at discerning what environments, people and situations are worth her energy. She knows what truly nourishes her and what is just draining. Her awareness is impeccable.

She can also be a good teacher, using metaphors to teach and share. Ultimately, the Comedian is about enrichment, not mere enjoyment or entertainment. She wants to get the most out of her life, so that she can enhance the lives of others.  

As we see, the Comedian is a pure seeker, which means she is never supposed to achieve any final goal. She has let go of the idea of attainment altogether, and finds peace in the journey itself. Isn’t life all about enjoying the experience anyway?



Sensations, Stimulation, Aliveness






Cancer - Cardinal Water

Leo - Fixed Fire


Internal Motivator:


I believe



Positive Attributes:


Knows the good in life

The ultimate storyteller


Achilles Heel:

Learn through pleasure and pain

Seldom sits still


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Distractions

Dilemma: Pleasure/Pain


Repressive Nature:


To be sullen means to be under stimulated. It is a collapsing of our spirit into a kind of numbness. This state is one often associated with teenagers, who can often enter these kinds of long-term sulks. Many adults who had difficult childhoods also find themselves victim to these dead spaces, which become entrenched as patterns in the endocrine and nervous systems. This is how the physical body over time manifests an emotional pattern through its chemistry. When under the spell of this shadow you have lost sight of your true aspirations and become enslaved to the tedium of mundane life. Your eyes may appear lackluster and devoid of all joy.

From the Gene Keys
Bomb blue glowing neon icon. Glowing sign logo vector

Reactive Nature:


This manifests as a constant need to maintain movement, at all levels of your being. There is a particular need within this shadow to satisfy the eyes and for anything that stimulates the eyes — from reading to watching television to fantasizing to traveling. You may lead a completely internal life. On the outside you may seem perfectly normal, but inside you harbor all kinds of fantasies. On the other hand, you can also lead a life focused only on the outer world, in denial of the inner world altogether. This shadow is reflected in all behavioral patterns that allow you to avoid feeling the reality of who you are and how you currently feel. You keep moving, changing relationships, or trying new experiences.

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

What or who are you unable to say ‘no’ to? 

Where do you overindulge? Where do you self-deprive? 

Where do you tread the balance between vice and virtue?  How do you know when you’ve shifted out of balance?

When do you feel alive, aware of the feeling of being alive?

When do you feel dull, not present, deflated, depleted?

When are you wild? What motivates this desire?

When are you responsible?  What is the catalyst?

Are you often overstimulated?  

What are your most powerful distractions these days?  

Think of what, and who, truly enrich your life. 

When was the last time you enriched someone’s life? 

What are what you consider the most memorable, exciting moments of your life?  When you were so completely present?  What were you doing? Where were you?  Who were you with?   

When are you intentional in your life? When are you moving through the motions?

What are your dreams outside of what others have taught you to believe or think?

What do you really want out of life?  

What stories are you telling yourself and others?

When do you do something and don’t even remember what you’ve done?  Where are you in these moments?  How do you become present for yourself?

When are you most present in your life?   

When are you present for others?

What’s your intention for presence for your life?


"True entertainment involves laughter, inspiration, wonder and ultimately intoxication."
- The Comedian




"My only wish is to go on drinking from the love that purls endlessly from within my heart."
- The Comedian

Gene Key Title: Divine Indulgence

Distraction – Enrichment - Intoxication

Victim Pattern: Victim of Your Distractions


Shadow: The World Mask (Distraction)

"In the modern world, we appear almost desperate to distract ourselves from who we really are."


Gift: Turning Within (Enrichment)

"True enjoyment is rooted inside your being rather than in the external."


Siddhi: The Divine Entertainment Business (Intoxication)

"To be Divine does not mean giving up sensual delights."

Gene Key

Discover the 56th Gene Key from its original source.

The Ecstatics

A personal journey into the higher consciousness of the human heart.

All throughout history, the most enduring and uplifting theme to possess humanity is the theme of love. All our trials, longings and issues can be reduced to this basic question – how do I find love?

Watch Richard Rudd's video series on The Ecstatics

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.


Archetype 56

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"Intoxication is about being swallowed up by your own love."
- The Comedian

Comedian Attunements

iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Clinging Fire (14:36)

Keeping Still Mountain (14:29)

Gene Key 56 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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" Enrichment means to suck the marrow out of life. "
- The Comedian


Palm mudra, 56th gene key. Tuck forefingers behind the thumb joint, bring third-finger/thumb tips together and raise the fourth and pinkie.



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I have the 11/56 Design Moon/Earth. I adore these Simone – Bella! I am so grateful for your making them and they are so correct and validating! Although I haven’t focused on it as much, as I enjoyed nature and transformation in myself more (as that is what I’m here to do — my true business), my business name is Transformative Union. 🙂 lol Seems it’s been required that I gain a great deal of self-awareness through multiple and massive transformations — mini new beginnings and endings (natural birth and deaths) in life — in a way most would not… Read more »


Oh! and your donation button doesn’t appear to be working. You may want to investigate.

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Thank you for bringing that to our attention! We will look into it.