Artwork by Dora Rodriges of PintaDora


"Every time you trust your intuition or make a decision based on it, you raise the frequency of your whole aura."

The Intuitive


Who is this Archetype?

In this archetype lies the ability to experience true knowing; the Intuitive can perceive something even before it can be seen, heard, touched or tasted. Her intuitive awareness is what ensures her survival and wellbeing.  She hears through her body in the now, much like the Black Panther (34), the Natural (10), and the Tranquil (20). The Intuitive embraces her primal instincts and has an acute attunement to both vibration and sound. She is constantly alert to the vibrations coming from the physical, emotional and psychic environments.


Acoustically sensitive, music and vibration have to be in harmony for this archetype. Her gentle senses read people in the blink of an eye, and she often tunes out from people with discordant voices, especially if she senses underlying issues or agendas. This is something she has in common with the Maestro (50) who also instantly perceives when something is false or corrupt.


The Intuitive is endowed with deep psychic abilities and is capable of pivoting as quickly as the wind, tracking truth with her acute perception. Through her clairaudience she will pick up vibrations through her aura and translate them through her brain.


Wind is the primary element of the Intuitive. Wind is a symbol for the pervasiveness of spirit because it moves invisibly around the world, touching everyone. Others may experience the Intuitive like a gentle, yet still penetrating, breeze that cuts right to the bone, detecting vibratory subtleties of harmony or discord in the aura. Her sharp intuition is constantly scanning the environment to keep her safe from harm.


This same intuition reveals truth. However, what is true in one moment may not be true in another moment. This is why it's so important for the Intuitive to remember that her body is responding to the present moment only - it's connected to "real life" as it unfolds.


In the lineage of this archetype lies the fear of the unknown future. She is constantly transmuting this fear by always staying present in her being, knowing that this is where she is truly safe, since the body never lies. By remaining focused intently in the now, the underlying fear dissolves. This is very similar to the wisdom of the body that the Librarian (48) holds. When these two archetypes are listening and paying attention to our intuition now, there is no tomorrow to fear.


Both the Intuitive and the Librarian are Portal Guardians to the Codon Ring of Matter (along with the Perceiver (18) and the Sensual (46)). Through this codon ring the Intuitive is deeply connected to the nine month cycle of human gestation in the womb. The genes of the fetus will build the little body at the frequency in which the mother lives. As a result, the mother's frequency has a notable influence over the destiny of the future human being.


The Intuitive has gone through many pregnancies and is an example for mothers around the world. With her life partner, Thunder (51), she helps young parents become aware of all the ways in which they influence their children. Together the Intuitive and Thunder help parents heal their own anxieties and leap far beyond the shadows of unease and agitation.


Much of this work is done by learning to stay in the present and initiating from neutrality and clarity, instead of from the fears and worries of one’s mind. These two archetypes help parents awaken to clarity and become effective role models with integrity for their children.


In the process, the parents become gentler with themselves and with their children. The more softly a parent lays their hands and intention on the child, the more the child opens up and the more deeply the connection between the parent and child is nourished. The Intuitive shows us that everything is linked through gentleness. This is the true meaning of clarity.

Artwork by Dora Rodriges of PintaDora


Wind, Penetration, Clarity


Internal Motivator:

I can feel the truth in every moment

Positive Attributes:

Knows her truth moment by moment

Has psychic abilities

Is powerfully clairaudient

Achilles Heel:

Is sensitive to discord

Can feel deep melancholy

Vibratory radiance has a powerful impact on others, for good or ill


The Gentle Wind

Wind over Wind


Quarter of Duality

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Relationships


Libra - Cardinal Air


Left Amygdala/Spleen (Arginine, Aspartic Acid)


Codon Ring:

Ring of Matter (18, 46, 48, 57)

Amino Acid (Alanine)

Physiology: Cranial Ganglia (Belly)


"Consciousness is the gentlest, most subtle phenomenon. This is why the ancient sages so frequently likened it to water or wind elements of such subtlety and softness that they can penetrate everything."
- The Intuitive


"The nature of the higher mind is clairaudience — the ability to pick up vibrations through your aura and interpret them through your brain."
- The Intuitive


"Your most powerful inner compass is your intuition."
- The Intuitive 
"Spontaneous clarity is a state that exists outside the mind and can only be known through the purity of being."
- The Intuitive 

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

Use these phone backgrounds as a reminder for you through the transit.

"The Intuitive" Archetype Artwork

Channeled artwork by Dora Rodrigues of PintaDora.

"I originally channeled this piece earlier this year and automatically knew it was about Truth and Discernment. That is what the image represents. It is our Divine Truth. This picture helps you tap into your Divine Truth & Discernment.

I channeled it in April (2020) and it was during a time when i, myself, was trying to tap into a higher Truth and to discern from all of the information that was going on at the beginning of lockdown this year. It is about breaking out of the noise and going within."

Gene Key Wisdom

Discover the 57th Gene Key from its original source.

Victim Pattern:

Victim of Indecisions



Repressive Nature:


Hesitancy occurs when an intuition is suppressed by the power of the mind. The body knows what is correct in every cell of its being, but the mind immediately imposes its doubt, anxiety or opinion, thereby rendering the true perception powerless. In this way, all true alignment to the power of the now is lost and clarity — which is pristine and visceral — is repressed in the body. Spontaneous clarity is a state that exists outside the mind and can only be known through the purity of being. The sheer aliveness of a clear and instantaneous knowing is the cornerstone of one’s true inner radiance and health. You tend to become trapped by your worries, which make you unable to really feel the certainty of spontaneous clarity and commitment.

Reactive Nature:


Impetuousness arises as a human reaction to unease or fear. Its sole purpose is to try to escape or bring an end to fear through making a quick decision. Such decisions are not made from the state of clarity described above but are themselves rooted in fear. Because of the nature of impetuous decisions, they can only lead to more misery. Not only do they fail to bring an end to the feeling of uneasiness but they also manifest additional turmoil in your outer life. A reactively made decision can only move in the opposite direction of evolution, therefore, against the flow of nature. This is not to say that such decisions are necessarily wrong. Life needs to create turmoil as part of its own awakening process.



The Fear-Band Frequencies

"No form of thinking can take away the fear because the fear is there precisely because of thinking."



Entering the Synfield

"Every time you trust in your intuition or make a decision based on it, you raise the frequency of your whole aura."



The Art of Softness

"Clarity is the realization that everything is linked to gentleness."



Learn more about Simone Gers


"I was feeling a compulsion to paint though I'd never painted before.  I've never taken an art class, so I didn't even know where to begin.  I ordered an easel that came with paint. When it arrived, I set it up and looked at it for a while, not knowing where to begin.  I was in the 3rd round of the Delta, and when I shifted into position 7, the 57, I felt inspired to paint it.  I put my hands on the page for the 57 in the Gene Key book, and I asked the 57 to show me a picture of how it would like me to paint it, and it flashed this image.  I also saw a sacred geometry, and that is drawn underneath the painting.  After I painted the picture, I wondered what Seagull was as an animal spirit guide, and the first page I opened said intuition."


Allie is currently a spiritual channel, clear channel, intuitive and psychic medium. After having her son at 28 years old, she suddenly began to go through a spiritual awakening - feeling, hearing, seeing, sensing and knowing things so strongly she couldn't deny it anymore. Allie - who was formerly in marketing and athletics - didn't know what was happening, but she was suddenly drawn toward books and videos about mediumship. Soon after, she booked her first reading with a medium who informed her that she wasn't crazy; she was REALLY hearing and seeing spirits! It was time for her to develop her gifts.

The next part of her spiritual awakening happened very quickly and before she knew it, she was channeling live verbatim messages from many amazing minds who'd passed on for her friends and soon, for her community online. The demand grew for other women to learn more about connecting to spirit, to continue having their relationships with their own loved ones long after they passed, to trust themselves and listen to their intuition again. So, Allie created a course about intuition and channeling spirit, and began running retreats, spiritual support groups, and continued with readings.

Allie's work has continued behind the scenes where she uses it in her daily life - cooking, eating, parenting, hiking, skiing, dating, and more. She still does readings and loves to connect with women and men who would like support in their awakenings or who desire direction, guidance, and connection with spirit.

Please reach out to Allie on Facebook.


"The more you trust in your intuition, the more integrated your life becomes."
- The Intuitive 
"Clarity is the realization that everything is linked through gentleness."
- The Intuitive 
Artwork by Dora Rodriges of PintaDora

Embody the Intuitive

We Bridge the Gap between Theory & Embodiment

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Gene Keys Living Transmission

Rave Mandala Explorations

I-Ching Elemental Wisdom

Astrology & Transits

Codon Rings & Physiology

Embodiment Practice

Soul Conversation


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"Whereas intuition listens and receives, mind explores and conquers."
- The Intuitive 
"Clarity is about seeing the softness at the heart of all things."
- The Intuitive 

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57th Archetype Artwork by PintaDora

Artwork by Dora Rodriges of PintaDora

"I originally channeled this piece earlier this year and automatically knew it was about Truth and Discernment. That is what the image represents. It is our Divine Truth. This picture helps you tap into your Divine Truth & Discernment.

I channeled it in April (2020) and it was during a time when i, myself, was trying to tap into a higher Truth and to discern from all of the information that was going on at the beginning of lockdown this year. It is about breaking out of the noise and going within."

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57th Gene Key Artwork

Richard Rudd says, “Breathe into the apex of this triangle (whose base is the forefingers braced upon thumb tips) – look into it … and your mind will clear.  See clearly with every cell of your body.


The Intuitive (57) Digital Course !

Embody the Archetype: Explore, Flow, Play, Share, Lead, Envision.

Harmonic Gate: The Black Panther (34)
Harmonic Gate: The Natural (10)
Harmonic Gate: The Tranquil (20)
Programming Partner: Thunder (51)
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Love the questions


me and my guy did this together and we were amazed !!! thank u so much, this is so articulate <3