intellect - precision - impeccability

Who is this Archetype?

Here we find a voice that says—I think. This is an authoritative and compelling voice that people naturally listen to. 


This archetype is a master of naming things and concepts, is convincing and persuading. With his observance of detail, there is also a sense of detachment and objectivity. He knows the difference between the intellect and true intelligence. The Scientist looks and understands with the heart, takes in the essence and soul of events. He is speaking, writing and inventing with love. When the heart leads the way and uses logic to describe what it sees and feels, others cannot help but listen. 


The Scientist has an eye for detail and always knows the facts. He assembles, organizes and labels the details, so things can be clearly expressed. This archetype can pick out very precise details in complex concepts, situations and stories. The Scientist provides logical, thorough information that everyone can understand and has the gift of explaining the intangible, making it accessible through clear, factual expression. 


The Scientist is great in business. He sees organizational patterns. He knows where everything is and how everything is linked together. Even if he doesn’t look organized, he knows where everything is. He connects the energy from the realm of possibility to the throat and creates, through articulation, the possibility of manifestation. 


The Scientist is similar to archetype 23—the Translator—and uses a language of simplicity and precision. The translation, however, doesn’t come from inner knowing—it comes from understanding of the outer situation.


The Scientist also has an inherent connection to the animal world and is often found communicating with and training animals. And, he allows access to the universal language of light behind all forms.  Because the Divine alphabet is so simple, a true master can respond to anything and anyone anywhere with exact precision. The Scientist enters into the language of light itself to see the one word in all words—the fathomless, the ineffable, the wordless—the impeccable beauty of being.



Detail, Routine, Facts



Larynx-Medial Prefrontal Cortex Nexus 



Cancer - Cardinal Water


Internal Motivator:

Drive to name things



Positive Attributes:


Organizational skills



Achilles Heel:

Tends to be more masculine than feminine


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Language

Dilemma: Facts


Repressive Nature:


You are lost in the mundane world, living a life of endless details with little or no creative outlet for your life force. At the lowest end of the spectrum, you can become mentally ill, obsessing on the tiniest things as a way of coping with life. You are held prisoner by your mind rather than by the details themselves. This Shadow serves to repress the natural sparkle of the individual by keeping you locked into a monotonous mindset where details are both your crutch and your enemy. 

From the Gene Keys

Reactive Nature:


You use your intellect to attack everything outside you in an attempt to defend your own deep insecurity. You are entirely in the grip of your intellect which questions everything endlessly and, in particular, delights in finding obscure details and facts that disprove and disempower others. Your intellect is highly developed, and you may gain great recognition through it. However, you are also utterly unable to switch off your mind. You focus on other people in order not to look into yourself. The source of this complex is a sense of rage, which the mind keeps bottled up until something or someone triggers its release, a fairly frequent occurrence.

From the Gene Keys

Questions for Contemplation:

Do you feel stuck in life’s details, with no creative outlet?

Is it hard to switch off your mind? 

Does your mind often pick apart the flaws in peoples’ thinking? 

When have you experienced knowing from your heart?

What is your experience with recognizing and understanding patterns?

How does your connection to nature fuel your creativity and connection in life?

Time to revisit our vision and renew our commitment in words to our dreams. Consider creating a vision board and a mantra for your dreams.

Have you ever tried to channel light language?


"My logical argumentation cannot be defeated because consciousness itself is using the left side of the brain with impeccable precision."
- The Scientist

The Scientist Creed


My words are magical

I know with my heart

With me, dreams and ideas become reality

I use words of precision 

I understand patterns from my connection with nature

My words generate form for my dreams and ideas

I speak the truth with courage and consistency

Understand the Scientist



"Precision happens when natural intelligence strikes a balance between the heart and the mind with one caveat—the heart, the feminine principle, is given control over life."
- The Scientist

Gene Key Title: The Language of Light

Intellect – Precision - Impeccability

Victim Pattern: Victim of Language


Shadow: The Stupidity of Being Clever (Intellect)

“Intelligence is of the heart, whereas intellect is of the mind.”


Gift: The Greatest Step (Precision) 

“Every word has an inner spirit – a code of light that lends it an independent force in the cosmos.”


Siddhi: Cosmometry – The Language of Perfection (Impeccability)

“The more refined your frequency, the fewer words are available to you, so your language takes on a beautiful simplicity.”

Gene Key

Discover the 62nd Gene Key from its original source.

62nd Hexagram

Listen to Bobby Klein's transmission for the 62nd Hexagram.

Listen to others from Bobby Klein.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Archetype 62

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"Every word has an inner spirit—a code of light that lends it an independent force in the cosmos."
- The Scientist

Scientist Attunements

iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Arousing Thunder (14:26)

Keeping Still Mountain (14:29)

Gene Key 62 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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Release ActivateIntegrate


"Prosperity adjusts itself automatically to the needs of your higher purpose."
- The Initiator


The Courageous Heart.
With hands back to back, interlace pinkies, fourth and third fingers, then allow forefingers to touch thumb tips; the mudra falls into place. “The perfection of every word, movement and thought is the impeccability of your being” (RR).   The Hexagram is Thunder over the Mountain.:  Arousal over Stillness.

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Thanks for your lovely and helpful informations! I want to donate but the link is not working… maybe you can fix it.

Unlock Your Design

Oh, Franzi! You are so sweet. Thank you for letting us know about the button. I have updated it. Here is the link to donate if you still feel called. MUCH appreciated.