Over the course of three days you can dive into the three frequencies associated with the Detective archetype.

This is the pathway of INQUIRY. Connect to the Shadow, Gift and Siddhi and surrender as the wisdom unfolds. Use mindfulness to witness your patterns without judgement.

Follow a sequence of investigation where you allow the Detective to enter your life. Access wisdom through inquiry, play with possibilities and potential, practice empathy, communicate with and listen through love.

Be open to however these frequencies show up for you. Release expectations.

Journal out your experience.





Your mind pushes to be in control of your doubt but remember that your mind is never your authority. Lean on your strategy and authority as a way to bypass the mind to use your doubt in it’s highest expression.

What experiences have you had that caused you to doubt yourself?

Does your self-doubt make you anxious?

Do you feel suspicious of people around you?

Do you have a difficult time making decisions for fear of making the wrong decision?

Do you stand up for yourself when you doubt the consensus of a large group?

Do you appreciate your doubt when it comes up or do you view it as a bad characteristic?

How does doubt show up in your life?

Do you tend to doubt others, doubt yourself, both?

Do you doubt that there is a higher purpose for your life?

Do you doubt that you are loved and/or supported?

What experiences have you gone through in your past to make you doubt yourself or others?

Is there a big moment in your life that your doubt kept you from doing something you wanted or didn’t do something you wanted to do?

Do you feel like you’re the only one who has doubt?

When mistakes happen, do you feel there is a higher purpose for it or do you beat yourself up over “getting it wrong”?

Do you blame yourself when bad things happen?




Inquiry -- the path of questioning

Do you appreciate your love for knowledge?

Where is one area where your curiosity led you to something exciting and/or unexpected?

Can you use your inquiry towards finding the higher purpose and/or meaning in your life?

What do you like to use your inquiry for? Learning new things? Trying new foods? Learning new sports or games? Meeting new people?

List a few things you can do to help you relax and trust yourself. Journal? Self-care? Talking with a friend?

Has there ever been a time that you listened to your inquiry and believed in something that wasn’t popular? Expand on that...

Have you had experiences that showed you that your inner knowing was correct?

What would you like to uncover today?

What part of your life would you like answers to?

Are you confused about anything?

Doubt will keep you frozen and when you shift into inquiry you start moving again. Get the ball rolling by asking questions. Instead of feeling like its wrong or you are not right, explore and investigate.

Can you uncover the truth?

Where is the breadcrumb trail leading you?

If you are still confused, it helps to channel that confusion into something creative. When you give your left brain time to relax and stimulate the right brain the answer you seek may just drop in.

How can you get creative today?

V047 BeautifulHeart2014-5x7




Truth is not a destination. It is with us the whole time. We just cannot always see it.

When we can look at things from a different perspective we can begin to see all options and possibilities.

If you are desiring peace through understanding you may be disappointed. Any attachment to the truth will only cause more suffering. Truth is not always logical and sometimes can be a paradox in itself. This is where no peace can be gained from the answer.

When you become attached to an specific answer then you aren't able to actually see the real truth. Truth requires us to be open minded and emotionally detached.

Truth does not want to be pinned down, manipulated, put in a box or distorted. When we do this, truth ceases to be itself.

Questions for Inquiry:

What truth wants to be illuminated for you today?

Expand on this statement “My truth doesn’t have to be the same as other people’s truth”

When has your truth served others?

Do you feel you always have to be right to have the truth?

Do you feel it’s safe to live out your truth? Or do you worry about others will think of your truth?

Do you compare your truth with what others feel their truth is?

Can you find your truth without feeling like you have to have others agree with it for it to be valid?

Do you put a timeline on finding your truth?

Is your happiness dependent on your truth or do you enjoy the journey of finding truth without attachment?


by Melinda Butterfield

You can use The Detective to uncover the hidden truth for any of your own archetypal energies.

So let’s do a little detective work!

Let’s work and focus with the energy of the 6th Chakra together with your Line 6. Please take a look at your Human Design Chart.

If you do not have one yet you can receive your free chart here.

#1 List out all your Gates that have Line 6

Then bridge them back to Gene Keys to list the Shadow and Gifts.

For example, let’s take the Programming Partner for Gene Key 63.

Gene Key 64 is the Shadow of CONFUSION and Gift of IMAGINATION.  


“When I doubt myself I experience CONFUSION.”


Sit with that and feel it, embracing it without judgement. Then write a few examples of how you are experiencing that in your inner and outer reality today or in the past.

#2  “How can I use inquiry to get access to my IMAGINATION?”

What questions can I ask? What would it take to experience the Gift Frequency? What could my new reality look like? As you inquire into your new reality it opens a doorway for you to have more access to the quantum potential.


think about it



The head center is a pressure center and a majority of the population has this center undefined (white or not colored in) on their charts. The pressure we feel here is to find meaning in life or the urgency to seek an answer to a problem.

When this center is OPEN/UNDEFINED/WHITE in your body graph:

It is okay to feel the doubt and pressure to come up with an answer. This can cause anxiety, but know that this does not mean you have to act on it and try to figure things out. It is okay to say "I don't know." You aren't here to know the answers right now. Divine timing will always provide the answers to all of your problems. Ask and you will receive. Learn art of questioning and practice patience.

When this center is CLOSED/DEFINED/COLORED IN in your body graph:

You have consistent energy available to you. This means you are here to know things and be certain of your knowing. You have a unique way of looking at things. Know that it is safe to put your inquiries out into the world. You are here to think about things and generate inquiries and find answers. Make sure you're giving yourself the time and space to reflect and process. Practice patience and know every question you generate doesn't need to be acted upon and solved immediately.

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