"It takes a certain degree of madness in a person to follow this path, uncharted as it is. It is the path of the poetic soul — the lover of wildness, of spontaneity, of paradox — the lover of the moment."

The Artist


Who is this Archetype?

The artist is visual in an abstract way–his mind is flooded by images and memories from the past. He accepts the mental pressure and waits until the images assume some kind of order. In the now, there may be confusion, but looking back he can make sense of past events that create resolution, no matter the resolution, no matter how the threads unravel and reorganize.


The genius of this archetype is grounded in the right hemisphere of the brain. Information and inspiration come as spontaneous downloads. An entire idea seems to appear out of nothing, without the sequential gifts of logic. 


One moment, there is nothing, and the next moment, there is an epiphany. It’s not possible to force a right-brained inspiration into a linear sequence. The artist has his own timing, and he can’t force anything into manifestation. He has to make peace with not knowing how things are going to happen.


This archetype is endlessly inquiring. The artist can take anything apart and turn everything inside out for contemplation, for understanding, for inspiration, and to grasp its significance. He loves to examine religions, philosophies, belief systems etc. seeking a breakthrough and new understanding, new connections, new understanding of patterns and relationships, interconnectivity and expansion. Sometimes, it is the grappling through the exploration from which artistic expression occurs. Sometimes it is the breakthrough that inspires artistic expression, through poetry, music, dance, writing, movement, contemplation, design--the artist knows no bounds in how the creative expression occurs.  


With endless ways of expressing his creativity, his art is honest, abstract, courageous, illogical and wild. This takes him to places where no one has been before. He’s creatively fearless, boundless. 



Consciousness, Abstraction, Imagination



Virgo - Mutable Earth



Before Completion

Fire over Water



Pineal Gland



Quarter of Duality

Theme: Purpose Fulfilled Through Relationships


Internal Motivator:

I want to go where no one else has gone before


Positive Attributes:

Endless creativity

Inspired inquiry


Achilles Heel:

The pressure to resolve the past


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Confusion

Dilemma: Consistency


Repressive Nature:


It takes an enormous amount of energy to repress our inherited human pain. You repress your confusion through imitation—you do what parents did, or you do what friends and teachers do. Imitation is the archenemy of imagination. It is a massive illusory safety net devised by the collective to keep from feeling the state of the world as it is. You combat your fear through imitating everyone else.

From the Gene Keys

Reactive Nature:


The core human pain held in your DNA is externally expressed through your outer life. You simply cannot stay in relationship without being abusive. You are a victim of your anger towards the status quo. Your life is lived in an unconscious attempt to take revenge on life itself. You react against the status quo, often in an aggressive and unpredictable manner. Out of this basic dynamic between repressed and reactive, we can clearly see how both the abuser and the abused are born.

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

Are you using your imagination on a daily basis?  

What is causing confusion in your life?

What’s your impulse when you experience confusion?

In what ways are you trying to avoid feeling pain and confusion? 

Where are you hiding your originality? 

How do you explore patterns?

What do you do with / how do you respond to inspiration that magically appears?

How do you live your unlimited imagination?

What limits do you place on yourself?

When do you feel pressure to imitate?

When do you feel like a victim?

When do you feel you could have been softer, more understanding--with yourself and others?


"Imagination is abstract, illogical and wild."
- The Artist


by Harmony Grace
by Harmony Grace


"To be illuminated is to remain empty, while being constantly flooded with the rainbow colors of the inner aurora—it is to be an easel for the imagination of the universe itself."
- The Artist

Gene Key Title: The Aurora

Confusion – Imagination - Illumination

Victim Pattern: Victim of confusion


Shadow: The Chaos of the Elements (Confusion)

“The moment the mind stops thinking, the confusion ends, which shows you what a sham it is.”


Gift: The Art of Life (Imagination) 

“If you allow your pain, the world pain, to be expressed through an artistic process, you will see alchemy in progress.”


Siddhi: Enlightened Poetry (Illumination)

 “To be illuminated means to think God’s thoughts.”

Gene Key

Discover the 64th Gene Key from its original source.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Archetype 64

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"To imagine means to go where no one else has been before—to break free from mental, intellectual, and cultural constraints and let your mind soar upon the wings of your heart."
- The Artist

Artist Attunements

iChing Elemental Trigram Attunements

Clinging Fire (14:36)

Abysmal Water (14:41)

Gene Key 64 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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"All it takes is willingness to feel the pain, and the miracle begins. "
- The Artist
"Once you realize that there is no point in trying to make the pain go away, you may finally begin to see the loop you have been caught in."
- The Artist
"If you allow your pain, or the world pain, to be expressed through an artistic process, you will see alchemy in progress."
- The Artist
"The other great power of imagination is that it spells the death of imitation."
- The Artist
"To imagine is to leap, to bound and to whoop with delight outside of all logic and pattern. It is the source of all art."
- The Artist
"The tantric path is the easiest path to misunderstand because it cannot be followed with the mind but only with the heart."
- The Artist


Welly Boots by Jane Adams
Welly Boots by Jane Adams
The Neverending Dreamer by Cameron Grey
The Neverending Dreamer by Cameron Grey https://parablevisions.com/
Cosmic Peacock by Deirdre Siobhán Murphy
Cosmic Peacock by Deirdre Siobhán Murphy
Integration of the Toad Medicine by Ajna Schuhmann
Integration of the Toad Medicine by Ajna Schuhmann
Into the Eternal Light by Anja Schuhmann
Into the Eternal Light by Anja Schuhmann
"In the Heart of the Woodland Wakes" by Virginia Lee
"In the Heart of the Woodland Wakes" by Virginia Lee
by Corrinda Hagoort-van Der Jagt
by Corrinda Hagoort-van Der Jagt
"Before Completion" by Irmhild Kaiser
"Before Completion" by Irmhild Kaiser
Collage by Michele McMasters
Collage by Michele McMasters



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64 is my purpose and in its own way, how I found the gene keys etc