"I hold one of the greatest of all secrets—how to stop your mind from undermining your natural destiny. Your true course in life is already predetermined, and thus, all you have to do is find it and follow it."


Who is this Archetype?

No matter how high the mountain towers over the clouds, the Mountaineer feels prepared to take every step to reach his dream. He plans and plots the course long before he takes his first step. He packs his bags, checks the weather, prepares himself mentally and makes sure every detail is in place. The Mountaineer knows that it is the first step that sets the tone for the entire journey, and then the next few steps begin to create the groove. Not only is he prepared for the climb, he also is attentive to the details in the now. He channels the enthusiasm and mastery of skills of his partner, the Enthusiast (16), to reach his dreams.


The Mountaineer watches his steps, conserves his energy and knows that every breath counts. Much of our success as a species depends on conserving precious energy by paying attention to the details. The Mountaineer has the determination, commitment and focus that involves great staying power, as long as he can maintain the discipline of staying on task. His focus and attention to detail is both meticulous and efficient.


 The Mountaineer makes sure to have all the little details in place and everything set up at the outset of a climb towards his goal, making sure no detail is missed, whereas the Scientist (62) is more about the expression and bringing of detail to others. The Mountaineer plots every checkpoint and coordinates every rest stop along his advance up the mountain. He is attentive to things that others only see long after he has already noticed them. He has learnt to not be obsessive about things, since he is actually able to think about something even if he is moving and doing something else.


 The Mountaineer can channel the Mountain’s (52) enormous power to concentrate on what is meaningful and worthwhile. He becomes one with the mountain and focalizes, channels, the grounded resolve to keep him present during overwhelming times of physical and mental stress. When he feels reluctant to continue or begin, he remembers his purpose and goal. When he feels restlessness or scattered, he realigns. There is a presence and focus in him that is unmatched.


The Mountaineer is constantly checking to see what is relevant in the moment. When every detail is in place, he starts applying his sacral energy to climb itself. The progress comes step by step as he takes care of each detail on the way. Instead of being tamed by life, the The Mountaineer feels into his heart to align to his own direction and destiny through taming the smallest and most inconsequential acts in his life.


The Mountaineer is grounded in his own physicality and desire. He is building a natural momentum from many small acts. Once he starts moving, the entire Universe, including his own physical vessel, are rising up to meet him creating a current of support, so the Mountaineer knows true determination isn’t about forcing. The invincibility of the Mountaineer lies in using his powers of concentration and steadfast loyalty to his dream of reaching the top. The Mountaineer inspires others through his conquests one step at a time and one peak at a time.


For the Mountaineer, every act of intention is an act of magic. To him, there is a connection between every moment of life and his deepest dreams. He shows us how to find the right activity in our daily life. If you have your own mountain to climb, the Mountaineer is the perfect guide or role model. Every step must lead you in the direction of your dream, whatever that dream, goal, peak or target may be.



Focus, Details, Planning



Sagittarius - Mutable Fire



Taming Power of the Small

Wind over Heaven



Spinal Cord



Quarter of Mutation

Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation


Internal Motivator:

"Anything can be done one step at the time."


Positive Attributes:

Power to focus




Achilles Heel:

Needs all the details to make sense of something


Gene Key Patterns:

Victim of Details

Dilemma: Perspective


Repressive Nature:


This shadow manifests as your seeming inability to do anything about your situation despite the fact that you understand it and even see your way out. The reluctance to move out of your patterns is not a conscious choice but an inner dynamic where all your life force remains frozen. This reluctance is essentially a paralysis of your will brought about by following familiar, repetitive patterns that do not serve us. To break out of your inner reluctance is to leave your safety zone and move directly into your fears. It can be frustrating to onlookers that you are unable to break their patterns, but it is just as frustrating for those in the grip of such deep-seated fear.


From the Gene Keys

 Reactive Nature:


You can be highly restless and fidgety as though nothing inside you can sit still. Your tactic is diversion, and you unconsciously seek any stimulus to draw some of your energy and fury out of your body. Naturally, you can’t sustain this escapist pattern indefinitely, and it takes an enormous toll on your health and often your finances. You can’t find a fixed pattern in life at all. If you were to do so, all your rage would explode out of you. This makes it impossible for you to maintain serious commitments for any length of time. Although your life is not inert in the strict sense of the word, you are inert in terms of fulfillment because you can simply never rest or relax.

From the Gene Keys

Questions to Consider:

Where do you desire more movement in your life? What or who might help you burst through the inertia and get moving?

Are you restless and fidgety? Are you calm and focused?

Do you sometimes use activity to divert from feeling or experiencing something inside of you? What do you use for diversion? How do you return to focus?

What is it in your life that needs your focus right now? What are you focusing on instead? Is it productive or a distraction? Why?

Do you ever struggle with obsessive thinking? What can you do to help quiet your mind?

Do you tend to feel lost in the mundane, or are you often trying to escape it?

If you’ve lost touch with a dream, how can you come back in touch with it? Remember that it is naturally imprinted in your DNA and physicality.

Are you easily distracted? Do you stay the course one step at a time, focused on your goal / purpose / desire, no matter what’s going on around you?

When do you remember feeling invincible? When? Can you recreate that state of being? What do you notice before others notice?

What details are important to you?

When in your life have you allowed yourself to be wild, untamed? Where you didn’t hold back any part of who you are and what you desired?

Have you experienced love as invincible?

Where / when have your intentional acts created something magical?

Do you listen to your heart?

Exploring the Archetype

"The Gift of Determination is built upon the rock of the very smallest acts."
-The Mountaineer



"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

- The Moutaineer

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"The more you tread the path of heart, the easier it gets."
-The Mountaineer

Gene Key Title: The Power of the Infinitesimal

Inertia – Determination – Invincibility

Victim of Details


Shadow: The Domestication of Dreams (Inertia)

“Most human beings live lives where they simply get by, lives in which they become victims of all the details around them.”


Gift: Every Intentional Act is a Magical Act (Determination)

“All those little acts done with heart begin to build up an inner momentum that eventually becomes unstoppable.”


Siddhi: Inner Space – The Final Frontier (Invincibility)

“You must capture the energy of your dream and hold onto it deep inside, because it is that dream that will act as the lens to focus the power of magic and manifestation in your life.”

Gene Key

Discover the 9th Gene Key from its original source.

Phone Backgrounds

EMBRACE your shadows. Sometimes our shadows just need attention and love to be transformed. An embrace is a hug. We pull it in; we do not push away. Hug until it blends and transforms inside of you, revealing the GIFT within. The gift is then RELEASED within you and outside of you. You EMBODY the Siddhi when this essence vibrates through your whole being.

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Codon Ring of Light

Weaving Astrology with Tan

This video applies to you if you have any planets or points (ascendant/midheaven/north node) in the sign of SCORPIO 24'30 - 0'07 SAGITTARIUS.

Or if you have Gene Keys 9 or Human Design Gate 9 active in your chart.

✨A SPECIAL THANKS✨ to Tan for helping us name the 9th Archetype!


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"Every intentional act is a magical act, setting in motion either a force of creativity or a force of decay."
- The Mountaineer

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"We are wild creatures. We are not here on earth to have our dreams tamed, clipped or domesticated. "
-The Mountaineer

Mountaineer Attunements

Gene Key 9 Body of Light Attunement (5:00)


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Gentle Wind (14:23)

Heaven (14:14)


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"As your vision of reality expands to contain universes, you realize how small you really are. At the same time you get to see how enormous your contribution to the whole is when you truly take the plunge and listen to your heart."
-Richard Rudd


9th Gene Key Artwork by Jane Adams

Steeple the two third-finger tips and fold the other three fingers under with the first joints touching and thumbs resting together … invincibly


A special THANKS to Tan for helping us name the 9th Archetype!

Harmonic Gate: The Mountain (52)
Programming Partner: The Enthusiast (16)

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