The 9 Hubs (HD Centers)

and the group of archetypes that live there

Leverage your energy centers to create and sustain abundance in all areas of life. This starts with awareness of the themes of these energy centers. Explore these 9 centers and the inner archetypes that reside within them. Harmony within your energy system creates harmony without. You are designed to be abundant, it's time you start living that abundant expression in all areas of your life.

It is time to Thrive by Design.


We view the Human Design chart as a blueprint for how our energy works and flows. We call the 9 centers Hubs. Each hub is like a house where different groups of archetypes live. For example, the Head Center Hub houses The Detective (63) The Mystic (61), and The Artist (64) archetypes. Because these archetypes live in the same eco-village they share a commonality. The Head Hub is about ideas, inspiration and sense making.


Watch our Thrive by Design Masterclass to get an overview of each of the 9 hubs.

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Click on the image of the hub below to be transported into that center in the bodygraph.




November 2021 - August 2022


Exploration, Integration and Embodiment of the 9 Hubs of your Eco-Village (HD Centers) and associated archetypes.


Root Hub: Foundation and Stability

Sacral Hub: Life Force & Sensuality

Solar Plexus Hub: Emotional Competency & Relating

Splenic Hub: Instinct, Intuition and Body Awareness

Ego Hub: Commitment & Willpower

Identity Hub: Sense of Direction & Love

Throat Hub: Expression and Manifestation

Ajna Hub: Vision & A Balanced Brain

Head Hub: Inspiration & Sense Making


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