The Sacral Hub

Life Force & Sensuality
Frequency Band:
Reaction - Response - Flow

In this hub we find vitality, creativity, intimacy, pleasure & the enjoyment of life. When this center is blocked you canโ€™t feel your own life force which distorts both your connection to yourself and others.
๐ŸŸ  The Sacral hub is closely connected to the sacral chakra. Itโ€™s located at the lower belly and inner pelvis and it govern the sex organs and the kidneys.
๐ŸŸ  Itโ€™s associated with the water element and portrayed as a vibrant orange color. Itโ€™s also often represented by a six-petalled lotus flower. The circles in connection with the lotus flower petals represent the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.
๐ŸŸ  The symbol of the sacral chakra is a moon crescent, which represents the relationship between the tides of water and the phases of the moon.
๐ŸŸ  The sacral chakra is connected to Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fidelity, fertility, and power. The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra is Svadhisthana. In Sanskrit, Svadihsthana means โ€œwhere your being is established.โ€
๐ŸŸ  Ra Uru Hu spoke about Pure Generators i.e. Sacral Authorities as the only truly spiritual beings that respond to life in every moment. Their truth is in the now and the sacral is constantly guiding them to engage, or not, with what comes in their way.

๐Ÿ”ถ Our exploration of the Sacral Hub will reveal your relationship to your Sacral. Are you connected to your sensuality? Does your body feel alive? Are you sexually expressed and nurtured? Are you clear with your yesses and nos?
๐Ÿ”ถ Our aim with the exploration is for you to intimately connect with your sacral truth and unify any fragmentation. When this happens, you can expect our relationship with yourself and the world to feel harmonious, pleasureful, and nurturing.
๐Ÿ”ถ A balanced sacral offers direct access to flow, flexibility, and fun. Once your sacral center is grounded in your true self you are embodying more of who you came here to be.

๐Ÿ”ถ You will also get to know the 9 archetypal energies of the Sacral hub, and what it means if your sacral center is Open or Defined in Human Design.

Private Membership Experience

In December 2021, The Inner Circle Members will explore the Sacral Hub as part of our Thrive by Design journey.

Live Embodiment Call, Member Chart Readings, Sacral Hub Teaching, Activations & More

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