To answer that question we will have to take you to the stars!

Time & Space

We live in a world where time and space make up the fabric of our reality. We live according to their design. They hold our reality together so we experience events linearly, hold memories and play with the world of form. They are constantly changing. The only thing constant is you. Your light.

From the moment of conception, you began to manifest your human physical and energetic blueprint into form.

You used the planets and the sun to design the perfect body and personality required to have an experience here on Earth.

The planets and the sun work together to create 64 archetypes. You combined these archetypes together to create the wonderful being that is you.

FOUR of these archetypes make up 70 percent of your personality

and contribute to your unique Genius that you share with the world. These four energies give you insight into your purpose here on Earth.

You use your gifts/genius to enact your mission here to live out the storyline your soul desired orchestrated and created for you before birth.


The SUN programs our reality.

Our world literally revolves around the sun. It takes 365 days for the Earth to make a complete rotation. The Sun creates and projects tiny particles of energy called neutrinos. These particles carry mass and so they store information

The sun creates a river of neutrinos that are so small they can pass through ANYTHING they come in contact with. Their stored information gets transferred to whatever they pass through.

During the 365 day orbit, the sun creates 64 archetypes. These archetypes get transferred or imprinted on us during transits. Transits last around 6 days and the archetypal energy is delivered to us through the neutrino stream.

These archetypal energies become available to everyone on the planet during these 64 transits. And so, the Sun activates these inner archetypes within us.


Your Awareness Unlocks these Archetypes

Yes, the sun activates these archetypes, but generally they are running in the background of our subconscious. Unless you are AWARE of them, they unconsciously impact your life.

When you have awareness of what is available to you, you get to decide which frequency you express and utilize.

Each Archetype 

has positive attributes, special powers and a genius all their own. They also have the potential to express reactive or repressive qualities. And just like a superhero has its powers, it also has an achilles heel. This is its weakness. Being aware of these attributes allows you to work with this archetypal energy instead of unconsciously experiencing it. 

We have developed a simple way for you to understand these 64 archetypes. Behind each door is an archetype explained. You use your energetic blueprint (Human Design Chart) and Hero's Journey Map (Gene Keys Profile) to uncover parts of your design. Becoming familiar with your design aligns you with your set of archetypes that you embody.  When you are aware of them, you get to utilize their strengths and transform their weaknesses.

Following the transits can empower you to use these inner archetypes that are activated by the Sun, but that you don't normally have available to you in your personal design.

What is Behind the Doors

Archetype Imagery & Descriptions

You'll be able to connect with this archetype by looking at the images and reading the descriptions. We describe their overall character, positive attributes, Achilles heel (weakness), repressive & reactive qualities as well as some of the special gifts/abilities.

Informational Video

Bella does a short synopsis of the archetypal energy and weaves Astrology, the Gene Key and Human Design systems.

Free Resources

We always include resources you can utilize to deepen your understanding or bring thing archetype more deeply into your awareness and life. We illustrate the Human Design Gate, Gene Key frequencies, link to the Gene Key Living Library and offer pone backgrounds to upload to your smart phone.

Embodiment Courses

We have an archetype embodiment course that accompanies each of our 64 doors. These include teachings, workbooks, embodiment exercises, meditations and more.

Who are the Creators?

Many people had to come together to make this happen. We called upon our unique fractal line to bring in our dream team.

View our Contributors & Creators page to see a list of all of our team who made the 64 Doors possible.

How they Contribute

We are so APPRECIATIVE of our contributors & creators!

Archetype Designers

Two of our creators are responsible for the channeling and creation of each archetype. From the image to its storyline and description. We also utilize our ambassadors who share their personal experiences and wisdom of these archetypes.


Featured Ambassadors

Each archetype has an ambassador. These are the people who embody the archetype and share their wisdom. Interviews are released every 5th day of the transit (voice and leading energy).


Digital Resource Creators

We have a core team who is responsible for our digital products (paid and free). These include the workbooks, attunements and freebies.


Blog Contributors

Many people share their contemplations, personal stories, wisdom and resources with us. 

Get Involved!

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