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We Are Living Archetypes

Human Design, Gene Keys. Astrology, Tzolkin, 9 Star Key, Mayan, and other new and ancient systems reveal the divine order of cosmic energetics that incarnated in our being—human being—and create a portal for us to recognize the divine Archetypical energy living inside of us.

Through the journey of knowing the forces that rule our lives, determine our paths, we each become the master—The Living Archetype in the dynamic of the world around us, creating a library of mixed perspectives and, therefore, a multi-dimensional approach towards the transmission.

My vision is to unite all these unique perspectives, to build a whole crystal again, the crystal of the One perspective, where all is truth. When we step aside of just the words given by Ra, Richard, or other wisdom bringers, we build our own hall of truth--a record of lived real life Archetypes shared through our unique voices, through our stories--beyond the learning of words from our minds and lived through the body

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