Playmate (59) Community Call

Artwork by Pooja Bhapkar on Behance

Recorded 9/30/21

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If you feel called to share your own story or experience with the Playmate, please consider submitting your story to the Akasha.

(video/vlog and written submissions)

Listen to the Stories of our Living Wisdom Keepers

Hanneke, 59.1 in P. Saturn / 59.2 P. Mercury


Type: Generator

Profile: Heretic - Investigator (5/1)

Definition: Split

Authority: Solar Plexus - Emotional

John, 59.2 in D. Jupiter / Culture Sphere


Type: Generator

Profile: Heretic - Investigator (5/1)

Definition: Quadruple Split

Authority: Solar Plexus - Emotional

If you liked these teaser videos, you'll love the full-length versions that are inside our archetype embodiment couse. Corrinda, our Akasha Librarian, interviews various people who share about their experiences and stories living with the Playmate in their design.

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59th Door: The Playmate
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