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Ever experience creator's block?

Or get locked in the "I don't know how to ..."?

When the creative juices just aren't flowing anymore, you might just need dynamic conversation and exchange with someone else to get fresh new perspectives and ideas.

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce your ideas off of. A sounding board of sorts.

Maybe you need some fresh new idea injections to get your project moving and flowing again.

Or potentially you require some practical advice or tech support.

We're here to help!

Purchase BRAINSTORM to get Ashley and her creative alchemy and enthusiasm in your DMs.


Price: $97 USD

Duration: 1 weekday (Monday-Thursday)

Text Platform: WhatsApp Messenger

Daily Limit: Up to 1.5 consecutive hours* of support


Terms & Conditions

  • Response rate may not be immediate, but will be in a timely manner
  • If voice notes are left, they are to be reasonably timed
  • It is required that both parties be mindful of their limits and voice expectations and boundaries for the duration of the exchange

Ways Ashley can support:

  • Human Design & Gene Keys alignment guidance
  • Personal Guidance & Support
  • Business Guidance
    • Copy development and editing
    • Marketing strategy
    • Idea brainstorming
    • Personal branding development & design
  • Tech recommendations
  • Tech tutorials
    • WordPress
    • Graphic design
    • audio and video editing
    • email campaign and automation (activecampaign)
    • funnel setup

If you have any specific requests, you can email ashley at to confirm your request can be accommodated and if it is Ashley's area of expertise.


Ashley Nichole

Creative Alchemist & Inspiration Agent

Ashley is an advocate for the 64 archetypes she cocreated with Bella.  Her focus is in the area of self-expression and empowerment. She partners with these inner archetypes to assist others in authentic self expression and creation. Self-Mastery and creativity is a large part of her work.