Circe #34 and Relationship Magic

Circe by John Waterhouse

By Mythical Astrologer and Gene Keys Guide Alison Dhuanna ( I was first drawn to Circe after a mystical encounter with Nimue, a Celtic sorceress who appears in the Holy Grail Mysteries. I became interested in exploring the similarities and differences between these two archetypes. Let me share first how Nimue arrived in my life…

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So, are we waking up?

I usually write about planetary activations or about gates and keys that I have in my profile, because it is easier for me to describe the essence of the experiences I went through. Here comes the day when I write about a key / gate that I don’t have in my personal profile, but whose…

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41st Dream Arc

41st Dream Arc in the Codon Ring of Origins – Eel, Kangaroo, Swallow In many Gene Keys, the Shadow is a “scattering”of the Siddhi.  The 41st Shadow of Fantasy breaks up pure Emanation (siddhi) into groundless cloudlet “I”’s and collective thought patterns. These pull us into tremendous swathes of belief and can command a whole lifetime.  …

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