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Ego Center: The Mystical Veil of my Only Motor

By Brandy Jordan | Mar 7, 2022 |

I am a Splenic Ego Mani, and if you’ve ever listened to a Ra lecture you have heard him say this about himself as well.  I have a defined Ego motor and splenic authority, the gates that are alive in my Ego center are, 51.4, 51.6, 21.4, 26.5, 26.3 and 40.2.

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New Moon – Awakening the Bodhisattva Within

By Alison McCabe | Feb 26, 2022 |

This New Moon leads us into a powerful activation of the beautiful Siddhis of the Codon Ring of Divinity

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Silent Revolution

By Unlock Your Design | Feb 11, 2022 |

SILENT REVOLUTION submitted by Rasa Prem You want to change the world, and the world laughs at you. You are so small, insignificant -no one listens to you. Exhaustion, depression, resignation follow and you give up, give up completely. You become silent, introvert, careful. You don’t know what to do. You don’t try anything any…

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Imbolc New Moon by Alison Dhuanna

By Alison McCabe | Jan 31, 2022 |

This is a spectacular New Moon exactly on Imbolc the Celtic Festival of the Return of the Light. Immediately this evokes for me several of the Goddess Asteroids that have connections to Brigit or St Brigit in her Christianised form. There is still a Temple in Kildare, Ireland where the Nuns of St Brigit nurture…

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2022 Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Alison McCabe | Jan 3, 2022 |

Happy New Year. It feels we are on the edge of a precipice looking out on the New World before us and the powerful cosmic events of this year are opening the pathway ahead. This blog will focus on the Venus cycle beginning soon in Capricorn and the Pluto Return in the USA The essential…

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Full Moon, Winter Solstice and the Kala Sarpa by Alison Dhuanna

By Alison McCabe | Dec 21, 2021 |

Just when you feel the work of the Creator couldn’t get any more magnificent, this next few months show a dazzling array of highly transformational cosmic events which may be either very painful or create unprecedented freedom – the choice is ours. Lets begin with the background of the Kala Sarpa Yoga, a rare event…

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14 – The Alchemical Locomotive

By Adela Dumitriu | Nov 17, 2021 |

It was a very intense autumn this year! Especially because 2020 was so unpredictable and invited us, moment by moment, to connect to the important and intimate themes of reality. We end the astrological activation of Scorpio’s energy, and today’s article is dedicated to exploring the key / gate 14, the last key activated by…

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By Bella Krystal | Sep 25, 2021 |

Ego Death vs Soul Purification Invite you to read the whole text even if it’s long. This week Gene Keys 46, 2, and 57 interwoven. I’m contemplating these three Hexagrams in central Spheres of my Hologenetic Profile, and I am becoming aware of the way they are mystically braided together. ? SIDDHI: Ecstasy (46) is…

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By Ashley Pfeffer | Aug 15, 2021 |

Friday Claps ? & Recap ⏮️ August, Friday the 13th, 2021 ———————————— “The Unexpected” On Friday the 13th my HEART and SOUL EXPANDED. ? My trust in the masculine expanded, ? my trust in humanity expanded, ? my trust in the power of collective intention expanded,? and the ability to manifest a win-win-win-win for all…

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By Ashley Pfeffer | Apr 16, 2021 |

Carry me HOME. I sit here listening to this beautifully haunting and enchanting music bawling my eyes out. Music hits home for me. It opens a portal to my heart and I crack wide open. This song came to me on the last day the 42nd archetype, The Nomad (gene key/gate/hexagram) is in transit. Line 6, overview day, and moving…

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