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The Language of Archetypes

When you have awareness of the inner archetypes, you start to notice when and how they show up in your life (through you and for you through others). When we have awareness, we also have the opportunity to choose how we show up. We get to pause, re-calibrate and bring through the higher expressions. Not only that, but the possibility for embodiment of these exalted expressions is possible as well. Every time you work with your inner archetypes, you are presented with an opportunity to deepen your relationship to and with them. It is you, after-all. So this is a way to deepen your relationship to yourself. We are ALL 64 archetypes and not just the ones in our profiles.

When you integrate and embody these 64 archetypes you open yourself up to experience WHOLENESS. Friction, conflict and polarity with these inner archetypes create fragmentation and separation from ourselves. Coming into harmony with each archetype brings you closer and closer to inner harmony and peace within yourself.

From this place of self awareness comes self mastery. We hope that when YOU understand yourself and your unique genius, one day you will harness the confidence and motivation to share your genius with the world. This is your big fat permission slip to bring your authentic, unique creative expression to the world.

These archetypes want to speak to you and through you! Will you learn to speak the language of the archetypes and communicate with you soul?


Bridging the Gap

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Why are these related and why should you care?

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The Transits

Every ~5 days the sun activates a gate on the Rave Mandala wheel. If you think about your Conscious Sun / Life's Work Sphere in Gene Keys, THAT was activated by the sun at the time and date of your birth. Every day there is a new archetype being "shined on" or activated for the collective. This archetype is active for 5-6 days. the wheel rotates counter-clockwise and a new archetype will be activated as time goes on.

In following the transits, you are "meeting" the archetypal energy activated. Following the transits will expand your awareness and illuminated how each of the 64 archetypes play a role in your life.

It doesn't matter if you have these archetypes in your chart or not, we are not limited. We carry all the codes and have access to all of the archetypal energies.

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