Illuminated Archetype Chart Readings

Live on YouTube every other Thursday @ 1 pm pt / 4 pm et

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REPLAY: The Influencer (8), Tranquil (20) & Enthusiast (16)

You will find the replay from our current ILLUMINATED ARCHETYPE series here.


Please note that each replay may take up to 24 hours to be uploaded here after scheduled event time.


Take a journey with us, every other week, as we illuminate two to three of the 64 archetypes.

Remember the Sun activates each archetype 5.7 days (365/64=5.7 days).

Each Illuminated Archetype session we will look at four charts where that specific gate is powerfully activated (part of the Incarnation Cross, Vocation, or activated several times). We will look at the totality of the HD/GK/ASTRO chart but through the lens of the particular archetype.


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This is a recurring event and when you register once via zoom, you can attend all occurrences.

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Your Next Steps This Transit

Learn more and begin to embody these inner archetypes ...

See how these archetypes express through your unique design.

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You get the Influencer (8), Tranquil (20) and the Enthusiast (16) archetype courses included in your membership.

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Each archetype course includes:

We Bridge the Gap between Theory & Embodiment

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Intensive Workbook to guide your explorations, Human Design Center Teachings, HD Circuitry & Mechanics Overview, Gene Keys Frequency Explanations, I-Ching Elemental Wisdom, Astrology & Transits, Codon Ring Inquiry, Embodiment Practices, Attunements & Meditations, Community Gathering Invitations and Replays, and MANY more teachings, tutorials and related resources



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$29 per 15 min Archetype Reading Spot

Book an intensive 15 min reading and let Ashley & Bella illuminate your chart through a specific archetype/gate/gene key in your chart! We will look at the totality of your HD & GK but focus on the particular archetype you choose.

We are streaming the reading webinar live on youtube and we will typically do four readings live. Any additional bookings will be recorded separately and posted.