Illumination Codes Decoded

& Chart Interpretation Examples

There are three activations we have discovered hold the ultimate Illumination potential for you. You have most likely heard of Life's Work / Brand Sphere in your Gene Keys profile aka your Sun sign. This activation will give you the details of your unique luminosity and is directly related to the SUN.

We call this the LEAD in Business by Design.
This is your core identity and how your inner life meets the outer world. Embody your unique, individual, creative self. Step up to your mission and  into the role you came here to play unapologetically.

But did you know that there are two other activation that contribute to how you SHINE in the world?

Your Ascendant and Midheaven are here to contribute to your luminary potential, too! We call your Ascendant or AC your RISING. This is the face you put on for the world as well as your physical features, your body shape and the way you express your emotions impulsively. We define this as your perception of reality and your front-facing persona. This spot has a BIG impact on you natal chart and what it is your rising or aspiring to become. You are learning how to take on this role in your lifetime.

We call your Midheaven or MC your COMPASS. Your Compass will show you where and in what way you can shine the most and be recognized for the value you bring in business and the world. This activation will determine your life path and public image, its connected to your professional role/career, represents your reputation and aspirations.

These three planetary activations are what we call ILLUMINATION CODES.

Conscious Sun = LEAD

Ascendant AC = RISING

Midheaven MC = COMPASS

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