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✨ Jupiter is known as the happy planet, the beneficial planet, the planet of luck and optimism and all of that good stuff. At his core, Jupiter is the planet of expansion.

✨ He expands whatever he touches. While he does want to be positive, that doesn't always mean that the expansion that occurs will be positive.

✨ He can expand whatever is there, whatever is happening, so he may expand on the good, or he may expand on the bad.

In your Gene Keys profile there are two Jupiter activations, the Pearl (Conscious a Jupiter) and Culture (Unconscius Jupiter).

In this masterclass you will get more clarity on what you are (consciously or unconsciously) amplifying in your life. You will understand how your natal “Jupiter is the law you must follow”.

We also bring in your Saturn activation. Wherever you don’t follow the law of your Jupiter, Saturn will show you that you are off alignment.


Please make sure you have your Human Design chart available so that you can locate your Jupiter (and Saturn) activations.


The Six Lines form a powerful underlying pattern within the Gene Keys Golden Path, revealing a specific archetypal lens with which to view the Gene Key in your Hologenetic Profile. In essence, the six lines tell the story from Personal to Transpersonal.

Each line has its own archetypes, its own wounds, its own flavor. This energy stays consistent throughout the entire Golden Path, though its particular keynotes and way of manifesting changes depending on the Sphere it is located within. Below are some key archetypal principles of each of the 6 lines.


Line 1

Inner Essence – Introspection – Investigation – Self-Empowerment

Frequency moves from “Afraid of Own Potential” to “Solid Inner Certainty”

Responds best to “Full Information and Heartfelt Directness”

Wound of Repression – Fears must be explored and accepted, Go Within


Line 2

Expression – Projection – Ease of Being – Passion & Relationships

Frequency moves from “Unconsciously Provocative” to “Expression of Pure Light”

Responds best to “High Frequency with No Agenda”

Wound of Denial – Look into the mirror of your relationships, Anger into Passion


Line 3

Adaptation – Discovery – Trial & Error – Energy & Experience

Frequency moves from “Unreliable, Pessimistic & Evasive” to “Joyous, Humble & Wise”

Responds best to “Absolutely no pressure”

Wound of Shame – Confront your Commitment Issues, Learn to Laugh at Yourself


Line 4

Friendship – Connection – Magnetic Influence – Love & Community

Frequency moves from “Hiding behind Fixed View” to “Honest, Open & Heartfelt”

Responds best to “Integrity, Honesty, Softness & Romance”

Wound of Rejection – Only you can Heal Your Heart, Be Gentle with Yourself


Line 5

Practicality – Leadership – Organization – Power & Projection

Frequency moves from “Self-Deluded Tyranny” to “Leadership through Listening”

Responds best to “Simple & Practical Solutions”

Wound of Guilt – Be aware of the manipulation of power consciously and unconsciously, Forgive Everyone including Yourself


Line 6

Visionary – Overseeing – Role Model – Education & Surrender

Frequency moves from “Aloof, Arrogant & Inaccessible” to “Wise & Embodied Futurist”

Responds best to “Patience”

Wound of Isolation – Watch yourself when you Disengage, Manifest your Highest Vision here in your Physical Body

Summarized from the Gene Keys.

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