for the Hero and Heroine Rising Within

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Signature Package

Unlock - Your - Design

3 Calls with Bella Krystal and Ashley Pfeffer

Call 1
Dive into your unique blueprint. Understand your Human Design and Gene Key charts with this foundational reading
Call 2
Divine Design with Sacred Light
Based on what showed up on call 1, experience an energy healing, DNA activation and alignment
Call 3
Roadmap for how to bring this alignment and your true self into the world. Tools for core stability, balance and continuous embodiment of your soul purpose

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Custom Packages


Interested in learning these systems for your business or hoping to make a massive transformation or rebirth?

We are here for long term immersions & super charged intensives.

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Live Immersions


Business by Design

March 2021 - March 2022

Step into your Soul Work

Discover & Embody the 20 facets of Your Brand


April 2021 - April 2022

Return to Original Design

Master the Keys Codes of Design

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Kyle Dammann


Dona Cohan


"Incredible, the amount of wisdom on this single call. I love this “Container” of the Inner Circle, and look forward to each Thursday. Each call leaves me with so much to think about and it inspires me to know more (although my 4-63 channel of Logic has been driving me too much lately!).

30% of my energy are 4th lines, yet I have been hiding most of my life from family and community. Because of this, actively participating in discussions still feels like new territory for me. But from Day ONE, I felt so connected to everyone in The Inner Circle. I have never felt so comfortable, so quickly with a group before. I can feel the resonance for sure!

Ashley and Bella, the amount of time, energy and love that you pour into the group in just amazing. The research, the slide presentations, your long hours….you make it all look effortless, but I know it is not. I appreciate you both so much. The Inner Circle, and both of you, have truly changed my life. ❤️"


Deanna Lynn

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