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Learn the magic behind aligning with your Soul Work so that you can unlock Quantum Prosperity.

The Mystery, Challenge & Quest

Hosted by Ashley Nichole, Bella Krystal & Simone Gers.

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The Mystery

Attune yourself to the mystery of your soul (The power and magnetism of your presence and trust. How your emBODYed pearl generates the field of Quantum Prosperity)

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The Challenge

Let us illuminate the challenge you face that keeps you stuck in your head and out of your body. This prevents business manifestation.

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The Quest

Take a journey with us into your business brand merkaba. Embody your soul work and access the field of quantum prosperity. Let's do Business by Design

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Introducing Business by Design

If someone spent a YEAR in your universe, who would they become? What kind of transformation would occur? What would they walk away with?

This course is for anyone wanting to embody their soul work. Contrary to what the title says, a "Business" doesn't need to be a professional entity. You are in the Business of Living and activating altruistic service is the highest potential a soul can embody. Business by Design is your soul work--your soul's mission.

In this 13 month Immersion, you will investigate, implement and embody aspects of your Soul Work.  You owe the world your Genius and Service.

We will explore aspects that make up your Eternal Glow or Divine Business. YOUR BRAND.

A brand is NOT just your logo or icons. It is not about the fonts or colors you choose. Yes, those are aspects of your brand, but a brand is so much more than that. It's the heartbeat of your soul work. Your soul work has a brand and that brand has a unique blueprint with 20 different aspects.  Your BRAND MERKABA is the vehicle will take you and your business places. Your Brand Merkaba is all about business expansion.


These 8 main facets of a Brand Merkaba includes: (1) your Eternal Glow, (2) your Brand Fuel, (3) Everyday Brand, (4) Brand Archetype, (5) Brand Spark, (6) Brand Messaging, (7) Brand Foundation & (8) your Brand Experience. There are also 12 sub components of your Brand Merkaba that support and assist in brand alignment.

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