Human Design & Gene Key Readings

If this is your first time booking a reading with Unlock Your Design, it is highly recommended to start with one of our 90 minute foundational readings.

Get Your Blueprint and Map:

What is Human Design and Gene Keys?

We all come from the same source and possess the same spark of God within us. No one person has more or less of it. A single spark contains the totality of Source/God/Universe. Your Divine Blueprint is the filter from which that internal spark of God manifests into the world.

Learning about your personal Divine Blueprint (Human Design) is a wake-up call. It's a permission slip to be you - unapologetically and unequivocally. You begin the journey of remembering and awaken to your true potential and genius.  As you come into your own naturalness you begin to soften and your heart begins to open. This journey is a journey back home to yourself (Gene Keys). The reward is knowing what your gifts are and giving them back to the world.

Human Design is a snapshot of your unique energetic blueprint - much like a fingerprint.

Human design shows you how you receive and transmit energy. It also describes your personality and soul imprints (conscious and unconscious). You can uncover your strengths, weaknesses, motivation, super powers and what you are here to be wise about. In short, it helps you understand who you are at a mechanical level.

Gene Keys is your map. This is an inner world accessed through the portal of your own DNA. It is an adventure into the nature of your soul and takes you on three distinct journeys to activate, integrate and liberate.

Through the art of contemplation you begin to unlock your higher potential. It's much like the Heroes Journey in that you will need to enter the underworld of your own shadows to emerge as the Hero of your own life. No one can save you but yourself. This is your destiny.


Thrive by Design

Live 2:1 Session with Bella and Ashley

90 mins

Bridging the Gap between Gene Keys & Human Design

Immerse yourself in the magic of your design, discover you genius, walk through your childhood with us and start the deconditioning process so that you can begin to live the life you were born to live. Return to innocence and thrive by design.

What's Included:

🔑 90 minute zoom call with recording
🔑 Your GK Profile, HD Charts & Astro Chart
🔑 Activation, Venus & Pearl Sequence Summary
🔑 HD Centers, Channels, Type, Profile
🔑 Illuminating your Challenges & Strengths
🔑 Intimacy & Relationships
🔑 Life Trajectory & Purpose
🔑 Action Points for embodying your true self
🔑 Intuitive Insight
🔑 Life Force Activation & Clearing



1:1 Sessions

60 - 90 min
Recorded zoom call

What is included:

🔑 Bridging the Gap between both HD and GK systems

🔑  Your Gene Keys Profile & Human Design Chart

🔑  Explanation of your spheres and Gene Keys

🔑  Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequence Summary

🔑  Insight into the HD centers, channels, type, profile, strategy & authority

🔑  Intuitive Insight


Recorded Reading

This is a customized pre-recorded video chart interpretation. You respond to questions and we Illuminate your Design.

* Delivery up to 2 weeks after scheduling


Begin Your Journey

The Activation Sequence is the first step in unlocking your genius and stepping into your full potential. Learn more about our foundational course.